Paper Root

Doomsday Tee
Check out Paper Root's Doomsday tee.

Paper Root began its trek to the top of the street wear industry in Florida. Gregory Dettra is the creator of this clothing brand. This entrepreneur wanted to create clothes that are artistic and speak to the people that wear them.

The Paper Root creator started the clothing line after he purchased an old screen printing machine. He decided to create graphic tees that were more like the artwork than a simple piece of clothing. After enlisting the help of a graphic artist, he knew the clothing line was brought to life. Dettra sold the tees he produced anywhere he could. The hard work that was put into this brand is what has attributed to the success the brand has achieved.

The brand gains its inspiration from the people that make up this world. The clothing line saw that many other brands were producing new tees each season without rhyme or reason. The brands in the street wear industry were just creating clothing to generate sales and make money. Dettra wanted more than this for his line of clothing. Mass producing clothing just to create a business was never an avenue that he wanted to purse. That is why thought goes in to every graphic that is placed on the clothing made.

Donut Rampage Tee
Look hip in this Donut Rampage tee.

This company has risen to success through the hard work of its creator. Dettra started selling the clothing at fairs, markets and local festivals. Once the brand had started to build a customer base, the founder decided to contact companies that could pick up the clothing line. He contacted local shops and even some overseas companies to promote the clothing that he had produced. Soon his clothing was in local shops and the company was a national brand.

Paper Root clothing produces graphic tees for creative people. The individual that wears this clothing understands true art. This person wants to make a statement that he is cultured and appreciates the finer things in life through the clothing he wears. This clothing can be purchased at many retailers around the country. Karmaloop and other online retailers carry this brand as well. The graphics tees made by Paper Root can also be bought right from the website for the company. The website also features the latest art and a blog on recent happenings.