Imperial Junkie

Ruben Campos, Creative Director of Imperial Junkie

The clothing line began sometime in 2002 when Ruben Campos, who has been in the denim industry for 17 years, had just finished off his extensive tour around Asia and came around to Japan where he couldn’t help but fall in love with the country and their culture. With his visits to Japan becoming more often, he found himself attracted to the way the Japanese loved American style and yet, were still able to keep up with their own traditions. It was a different world – but familiar. Thus, it was this extraordinary world that inspired him to create Imperial Junkie, a line representing royalty and trendiness and yet connects with the high streets of hip hop and old school.

Imperial Junkie is a clothing line known for its eccentric designs of tea-stain dyes, rope tying or even embroidery. The classy street wear label was inspired by an inventive mixture of American hip hop and prolific, traditional Japanese culture. With Imperial Junkie, Ruben Campos hoped to bridge old school American with elegant beauty, imperial Japan, two of his most loved cultures.

The label, commonly known for its unique Japanese designs, has been seen partying with Secret Society at Club Samba and sponsoring a few of Tres Chic’s events. Not only that, hot flavors such as Flo Ryda, David Banner, Lyfe Jennings, Katt Williams, Raheem Devaugan, Lupe Fiasco, Plies, Rick Ross and T.I.P are all happy endorsers of the Imperial Junkie.

Imperial Junkie T-shirt

The Imperial Junkie clothing line varies from t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and denim jeans and comes with a cool capsule marked with the label’s signature design when bought. All unique sets of designs have the label’s signature imprinted, embroidered or labeled on at least one part of the clothing. Although the t-shirts mostly have a white base color, each has colorful artwork to make up for the simplicity.

The clothing line’s newest collections can be found in more than 70 stores around the U.S and in Dark N Cold in London and the Lick in Japan. Imperial Junkie can also be bought online from Secret Society and from the line’s website,

The Imperial Junkie, known for its colorful, cool and creative artwork is one outstanding clothing line, not only for it is run by a very innovative creative director but because it is made out of inspiration of a different kind of love – one that unites two very artistic cultures

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