Gold Coin

The Game Needs Me Tee
"The Game Needs Me" tee.

Gold Coin clothing is based in San Fransisco, California. The inspiration for this brand came from many well known Nintendo games that were developed in the eighties. The creator of this line of clothing, Ray “Three” Robinson, spent hours playing video games as a child. The characters and worlds that he encountered in these games are what sparked his interest in art.

His passion for creating, grew from this seemingly normal pastime, has gained him success in the business world. The Gold Coin brand was created in 2008 and has already managed to become one of the most popular lines of clothing on the market. The company designs one a kind clothing using bright colors and cartoon-like designs in their graphics. The artistry that goes into the work is no coincidence either. Robinson thoroughly enjoyed the look of the characters in video games that he calls a mix between comic book art and cartoon art. The graphics that can be seen on this clothing are a direct result of that influence.

The designs that come from this company are not the only unique feature of this line of clothing. The company sets out to make each piece of clothing produced a collectible. When the clothing is produced there are a limited number of that particular design. Once supplies run out the piece is no longer created or sold.

Super Ultra Exclusive One-Of-One Limited Edition Dopest Shit Ever Tee
"Super Ultra Exclusive One-Of-One Limited Edition Dopest Shit Ever"

The company has most assuredly accomplished the task of making their clothing a collector’s item. One piece of clothing created that was purposely designed to mock other clothing, sold out soon after its release to retailers. The name of this particular piece of clothing is the ‘Super Ultra Exclusive One-Of-One Limited Edition Dopest Shit Ever’ tee. This tee shirt comes with the caption “Super Ultra Exclusive One-Of-One Limited Edition Dopest Shit Ever” and the image of a price tag of one million dollars. The company only printed three hundred of this particular piece of clothing.

Gold coin clothing makes tee shirts, jackets, hats and jeans for men. This clothing can be purchased from select local retailers around the United States. The company also sells their clothing on their website as well as the Karmaloop website. When a piece of clothing is purchased, the customer receives a proof of purchase coupon authenticating the clothing as well as providing a number for that particular item. The brand has also started giving faux gold coins with each piece that can be redeemed with the brand for a prize.