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Loud colors, eye-catching details, fresh designs, graffiti laden, stamped with exclusive logos, those are just a few words to describe Gino Green Global, a clothing company that started in 1999 whose history is as rich as its culture.

Classic Gino Green Global T-Shirt
Classic Gino Green Global T-Shirt

Prince, the chief designer and one of the owners of Gino Green Global started painting on walls as a kid before deciding that he wanted to work on making shirts. Prince says in an interview, “Basically, my whole life I’ve been an artist. I grew up in a day and age when graffiti was big in the streets of New York City. I followed and pursued that and wrote on walls and then I started writing on clothes, from designer markets to acrylics and eventually grown to a state where I printed my own T-shirts.” While wearing his own custom shirts, people started to notice his creativity and showed interest. Right then he decided to pursue fashion, “After I started printing my own T-shirts, I got such a great impact from the people. People said things like, ‘That’s a nice shirt, I want more.’ I kept developing a different style, started grooming it better, paid attention to fashion more, kept my eye on things, started selling shirts on the street, developed store counts – little by little I kept it up.”

Before establishing Gino Green Global, Prince worked with different labels as a graphic artist. He then studied the industry of garments, textiles, and materials to better himself in his designs as an artist. His learning experience allowed him to meet different artists, fashion designer and prominent labels. In an interview with Thick, he shares, “I’ve worked with some of the greatest people like Tommy Hilfiger. They’ve given me great advice, been great friends with me…especially Andy Hilfiger ’cause I’ve worked with him on several projects. He always looked out for me and offered good direction.”

Gino Green Global Ad with Usher, Ashanti and Ciara
Gino Green Global Ad with Usher, Ashanti and Ciara

Prince eventually worked on his lifelong dream to create a clothing line and become an icon in his own right. He said, “I watched the industry until I knew what it took and I felt that the industry was missing another logo line. I used to watch Gucci, Louis Vuitton they were long lasting lines, they had a great impression on the people, besides the name their logo stood out. I tried to follow their footsteps and bring back a logo, a powerful logo that would catch people’s eyes and have them say, ‘What is that?’”.

But the creative genius knew that in order to market his products, he would need a huge amount of money to launch a campaign. With little funds, Prince decided making his garments a piece of walking advertisement that would stir the public’s curiosity. It worked.

Gino Green Global Hoodie
Gino Green Global Hoodie


Even though the brand is not intended for a specific audience, it’s obvious that the hip-hop community has welcomed the label’s style. Prince gives the credit to his New York upbringing and the friends he while in the industry. He used to create logos for artists and until now, is still approached to design for these musicians. “Rappers like to be flashy, they like custom stuff and I do a lot of custom pieces. About 90 per cent of my time – up until today – was done by my own hands. That was the greatest thing about my line, me personally touching them and each piece was custom.”

With such a hardworking spirit and careful marketing plans, it’s no surprise that Prince’s Gino Green Global will live to his inspirations, “I am inspired by people that have been in the industry for a long time and have stuck around through everything.”

Gino Green Global Clothing

Are you looking for a brand of clothing that promises comfort, functionality, and cool designs that would surely catch the attention of other people?  Look as hip as an artist with the Gino Green Global Clothing. Aside from bringing unique back to the mainstream, the brand also adheres to global standards of quality and it has an exciting edge to boot. 

When it comes to excellent designs of shirts for men and women, Gino Green Global Clothing is a brand you should check out.  It delivers exquisite style, high fashion and a bunch of playful things that the prints on the shirts display.

Be Unique and Get Real with Gino Green Global Clothing

Because of the introduction of numerous brands of clothing in the industry today, uniqueness is the main key to be noticed by the people and most importantly, by the costumers.  In order to be popular in the clothing industry, any brand of clothing should be unique in their marketing approaches. Gino Green Global Clothing was founded by Prince and was introduced to the world in 1999.  Because of the fusion of the complete blend of hip-hop and urban fashion, the brand eventually became instantaneously famous, especially to the younger generations. The company is about vibrant colors and exciting designs that never go out of fashion. The collection is sure to impress even the most discriminating customer. So make sure to check out their collection. Celebrities that Rock the Scene Wearing Gino Green Clothes Gino Green Global Clothing was endorsed by popular celebrities who believe in the quality and exquisite
designs of the product.  Kay Slay, 50 Cents, Papoose, Mike Jones, Denzel Washington, Lloyd Banks, Lil Scrappy, Big Tigger, Young Buck and Lance Feurtado are some of those celebrities, to mention a few.

There is no denying the excellent and exquisite designs of Gino Green Global Clothing.  It has surpassed the tests of time since the time of its inception.  With the genius of Prince and the standard of global quality combined, without doubt, this brand of clothing would be able to reach the peak of success in the clothing industry.