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Handmade jeans – Evisu jeans are Yamane’s fashionable labors of love.
Handmade jeans – Evisu jeans are Yamane’s fashionable labors of love.

Evisu, also known as Evisu genes, is a Japanese designer brand which specializes in jeans and denims designed and embellished the old-fashioned labor-intensive way. Evisu is famous for its modern chic styles, although it was made as if it was just the turn of the century.

The brand was founded in 1991 by Hidehiko Yamane, an Osaka, Japan native. However, the planning and research needed for the company took place years before the brand was formally launched. Yamane, who is a tailor by profession, created the denim brand out of his frustration with mass-produced denim jeans. His love for vintage jeans drove him to create a fashion line which specializes in vintage-style jeans. His vision warranted a need for machinery used in making authentic vintage jeans. Unfortunately, these machines have not been produced since the 1950’s.

Yamane named Evisu (also written as Evis or Ebisu) after the Japanese fold god of money, who is depicted with a fish and a fishing rod. For obvious reasons, Yamane adapted the money god’s name for his financial pursuits. Additionally, he is a fan of fishing (among other things – women, beer, and golf.)

At the start of Evisu, Yamane was only able to create 14 pairs of jeans a day. What made these jeans special was they were specially produced and hand-painted by Yamane himself. He toiled over painting the Kamome, the brand’s famous seagull logo, on each pair of pants he makes.

Yamane swears that his jeans undergo methods which are employed by vintage jean makers a long time ago. He also uses authentic materials in his famous denims which are embellished with vintage details. In the 15 years he spent making Evisu’s famous vintage jeans, the brand has successfully replicated the standards of authentic vintage wears.

Evisu Heritage jeans are made of selvedge denims, which are made from old-fashioned shuttle looms. These looms beautifully cross the threads back and forth during the weaving process, so the denim ends up with smooth fringes. Evisu’s trademark fringe colors are red and white, which you can you see when you reverse your vintage Evisu jeans.

So how does old-fashioned shuttle looms make Evisu denims more special? Other brands use denim created from modern projectile looms. These looms “shoot” threads across, which gives the denim a frayed edge. Evisu’s old-fashioned shuttle looms creates jeans in a laborious yet intricate process. In comparison, projectile looms produce wider fabric which is shoddily made.

Additionally, Evisu Heritage Denims are dyed indigo through “loop” dyeing. This type of dying process is very rare, as it is done by skilled people who can operate ancient dyeing machines. Operators feed a cotton rope yarn through silos of indigo dyes. This rope is placed on the factory roof to permit the indigo dye to tarnish before feeding it into the next silo in the loop. In denim, more trips to the silos means darker fabrics. Some Evisu Heritage Denims undergo a minimum of 16 dips, while some are dipped for over 30 times.

Since denim produced through old-fashioned shuttle looms are naturally irregular, every pair of Evisu jeans ends up unique. The irregularities made by the shuttle loom, plus the deep blue color and the fading process that can only be achieved through loop-dyeing make Evisu jeans truly exceptional.

Though the handmade pants are more of Yamane’s passion rather than an attempt to make it big in the fashion world, Evisu’s trendy denims caught the attention of Japanese fashionistas who love elaborate details in their denim work. Their popularity started the vintage jean bandwagon in Japan, and like a contagious disease, this fascination with classic denims spread out across the globe like wildfire.

In 1999, Yamane presented a women’s wear collection named “Evisu Donna,” to complement “Evisu Heritage,” the premium denim collection which serves as the brand’s grassroots.
Evisu Denims are truly unique for its intricate and hand-painted details.

He also launched “Evisu Deluxe,” which is a collection of tailored men’s wear with denim elements, “Evisu Men’s,” a classic men’s wear collection inspired from vintage trends, and “Evisu European Edition” (“Eu Ed” or “EEE”), an Italian-designed washed denim collection. Yamane also designed his own Evisu Eyewear and Accessories collection.

In 2002, Yamane jumped from denims to shoes with the release of his “Shoos” Collection, which carries 100 footwear designs per season.

Three years later, he launched the “Evisu Kissu” collection for babies and the “Evisu Bonsai” collection for children up to 12 years old.

Shortly after “Evisu Saburo Special” was launched. The RTW suit collection is based on Evisu’s Japanese inspirations and Saville Row’s bespoke tradition. “Evisu Puma,” a co-branded denim line, was released in 2006 as well.

Evisu’s latest venture is “Evisu Genes,” which was launched during Spring/Summer of 2008. The moderately-priced denim collection’s is geared for the trendy denim-donning youth.

These collections helped Evisu expand from a denim brand to a full-range fashion line. As of current, there are 65 Evisu shops in Japan and a lot more across the United States and the Europe which can cater to the people’s demand for quality denims.


A pair of jeans with painstakingly hand-painted seagull logo will distinguishes you from everyone else. Buy only the original premium denim jeans by Evisu and see envious glances everywhere. There’s nothing like it if you want individuality and character in what you wear.

The brand also has a wide range of clothing collections. Whether you’re in a pair of jeans, or a sportswear for golfing – you’re guaranteed for quality in Evisu. Evisu or Evisu Genes is the name of designer clothes manufacturer in Japan specializing on premium denim wear using labor-intensive and traditional craftsmanship. The company was launched in Osaka, Japan by Hideko Yamane. His tailor training in Yamane allowed him to create stunning vintage-styled apparel that stands out from mass-produced modern versions.

Evisu is a respected name in Japan. Recently, it has formed a partnership with an international company to give it worldwide exposure. Now, more people can experience what it’s like to wear genuine Evisu clothing. This collectible premium denim brand has been phenomenally successful. Every shirt and every pair of jeans that’s sold by the company meets the highest quality. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the authentic luxury that’s been associated with the brand.

Evisu announced the three main SS12 collections, each with distinctive stylish twists:


While retaining Evisu’s renowned brand features, the principal graphic design elements in the new Heritage collection also makes it different and special. The collection features the classic Evisu logo, the Kamon crest, and the iconic seagull motif. But these have been reworked with new graphic treatments using a whimsical wabisabi depicting a happy Japanese face with a minimalist wink

Blue Blacks

The clothing line take its inspiration from features and graphic representation of the sea using a tranquil palette for black and white, cool grey and indigo colors. The Evisu logo is depicted using a plaited rope on an anchor. Other design elements include flowing seaweed, an indigo-color koi fish in a sea of washed denim, and the Evisu godhead icon on a sailing ship.

Into the Wild

This separate apparel collection showcases urban design creations using design elements that includes vintage street images, bright shades of reds, yellows and orange colors depicting Yamane’s love for fishing and summer outdoor activities

For people who are into exotic cultures, Evisu provides something irresistible. The artistic interpretations of the designers are edgy, sophisticated, and unique. These will make any wearer feel special when wearing Evisu clothing.


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