Dealers of the Purple Cloth

Dealers of the Purple Cloth - Purple is the new black!
Dealers of the Purple Cloth - Purple is the new black!

Dealers of the Purple Cloth – or simply Purple Cloth – is more than just a revolutionary clothing company. It was founded on the thought of nurturing personal expression and individuality. The label aims to encourage people who break down the walls of the fashion status quo by treating their fashion sense as a lifestyle, and not merely an economic factor.

Dealers of the Purple Cloth, born out of love for hip hop and fashion, encourages its patrons to create their own style, just as the company tries to create its own plan for success in the fashion biz. As CEO and Founder Lydia Nam of Dealers of the Purple cloth puts it, “As the creators of our own destiny, we choose not to follow the path of least resistance.”

Purple Cloth designs are truly mind-blowing, thanks to the designing, cutting, sewing, and pattern-making prowess of all-around woman Lydia Nam.  The line makes use of tongue-in-cheek graphics, cliché passages, bright colors, and unique combinations. True enough, it mixes “a little bit of thug and a little bit of glamour.” More than just that, Purple Cloth uses imagery and words that its audience can relate to. The line draws inspiration from these three strong words: individuality, expression, and confidence. With Purple Cloth’s uniqueness and distinct fashion sense, its clientele can walk with a swagger because Purple Cloth is truly a cut above the rest.

Purple Cloth specializes in vibrant and thought-provoking tees, dresses, crewnecks, jumpers, hoodies, jackets, zip-ups, pants, and belts for sassy women and men.

Turn heads with Purple Cloth's vibrant yet thought-evoking jacket - bearing the words Money, Power, and Respect.
Turn heads with Purple Cloth's vibrant yet thought provoking king jacket.

Purple Cloth apparel have made cameos in a number of videos, including Beenie Man’s “Gimmie Gimmie” and up and coming artist Anna CyZon’s first video, “Young Boy.” CEO and founder Lydia has also been featured in the Woman On Top online magazine web page.

True to its commitment to social and political causes, Dealers of the Purple Cloth make donations to charitable causes such as the Coming To Africa event. Just as innovation breeds longevity, Dealers of the Purple Cloth stands by its patrons to make fashion history. After all, Purple is the New Black!

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