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The hip-hop culture is known not only for its amazing music, but also for its unique look. The look is ultra cool, with a plethora of signature pieces popping up all the time. Blending hip-hop and urban cultures, the Coogi clothing line has become one of the best known, and most loved, clothing lines of the genre. The line now ranges from smallest to tallest, from infant to adult. Add in the shoes, jackets and handbags, and there is something for everyone.

The Coogi brand is a signature all its own — the ultra hip urban man with the bright-colored sweater, the signature jeans, the coolest kicks around; the trendy “I can do anything” woman of today, sporting the dress that says it all, accompanied by the handbag that has every other woman drooling.

Ever since Notorious BIG showcased the line in one of his hit songs, crooning “I stay Coogi down to the socks,” an entire nation of hip-hop artists and urban cool across the nation were looking to wear the line, making Coogi a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, no brand can stay at the top of the wish list without producing what the people want. Known for its bright colors and signature patterns, Coogi made a name for itself that would stand the test of time. There are patterns, colors, and styles to appeal to everyone in the family.

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Coogi always starts with the coolest tees around. With sayings like, “Coogi Australia” and “Luxury is Everything,” paired with the use of bright colors and the softest cotton, these tees are a highly sought after item. With the distinct look, it’s easy to spot someone representing the line. There are tees for men, women and children. The whole family can afford to wear the tees, as the prices will not break the bank, with fashionable tees for $20 or less.


Those tees can then be paired with an absolutely huge assortment of jeans. With more than 16 different styles, there are jeans for everyone and every occasion. Ornate stitching on the pockets and back of the jeans gives them the urban look that is solely Coogi. The jeans have all the pockets you could want and if you turn around, you’ll showcase the bright colors that represent the line. With the infant line, the sets are even paired together, so that the newest members of the family can look as hip as the rest.

Hoodies and Sweaters

You can see a Coogi hoodie coming from a mile away, with the logo printed or painted across the hoodie somewhere, the bright colors against black or white backgrounds, as well as the patterns that are unique to Coogi. Tell everyone that you are in style. The best thing about the Coogi hoodie is that while it is uber-chic in the hip-hop world today, you will not pay an exorbitant price. The hoodies are priced reasonably at around $35, and yet are designer all the way.

While the kids are sporting the fleece patterns that everyone is jealous of, mom and dad are sporting some of the most recognizable sweaters in the hip hop clothing world today. Sweaters are one of Coogi’s signature lines, made of the softest material with the boldest prints and patterns that would look confusing, were it not for the fact that they are just so cool. The contrast of the boldest colors with the softest sweaters make for some amazing fashion.



The shoe line, ranging from $50 to $125, is something to behold. Check out bold colored sneakers, earth tone sneakers if you prefer, as well as sneakers designed by graffiti artists that are truly works of art to put your feet into. These kicks will make the style statement, and are just the coolest things to have on your feet.

For the guys who prefer a work or fashion boot, there are plenty to choose from, at prices that are more than affordable. For the ladies, the boot line is so unique, you will definitely need more than one pair. With the sweater leg on the boot, another signature of true Coogi, these boots will keep you warm, too. The ladies sneakers will definitely turn heads. The bright leather colors are bold and beautiful, whether the lady prefers a high top or a low sneaker.


The Coogi handbag line is the latest “must have” accessory. With so many different patterns and styles, from tote bags to backpacks and everything in between, every fashionable hip-hop diva needs to be sporting this line. The handbag line is new, so the ladies can get in on the ground floor of what will certainly be one of the most popular trends of the Coogi brand.

Speaking of the ladies, the dresses and skirts are the perfect item to pair with your new handbag. From casual to sexy and dressy, the dress line has plenty of fashion to go around for under $100. With a whole line of plus size fashions, the fuller figure ladies can have just as much fun.


There is also a hot new original swimwear line from Coogi. From bikinis to tankinis, to barely there one piece suits, the ladies will be rocking the swimwear, wherever they choose to go. The boys swimwear line, paired with matching muscle tees, is the ultimate in cool will make your little man “THE” man. The full line of shorts is both fashionable and comfortable, and includes a full line of summer denim as well.

With a line of fashion endorsed by huge name celebrities like Jay Z, Russell Simmons, Vivica Fox, LL Cool J and Ice T, Coogi has proven its place in the hip-hop and urban culture. With new designs coming out all the time, as well as branching out into the younger market, it is fast becoming the way to outfit the entire family. There is something for every season, for every occasion, for every mood, for everyone.

The History of Coogi Clothing

Notorious B.I.G helped make COOGI famous
Notorious B.I.G helped make COOGI famous

Personality is often best manifested through vibrant colors and prints and significantly, the Coogi clothing line does just that. It is popularly known worldwide because designs are uniquely based on four fundamental factors: bright colors, intricate wovens, movement and signature patterns.

Founded in 1969 by Jacky Taranto of Melbourne, Australia, Coogi was first introduced to the forefront of the urban fashion industry in the 1990s by New York rapper Christopher “Notorious BIG” Wallace in his platinum single One More Chance. With his famous rap line “I stay Coogi down to the socks”, Urban America was sent into a Coogi-buying frenzy.

Back in its early stages in the fashion industry, international celebrities like John Denver and Muhammad Ali sported the label. Nowadays, the unique and extravagant patterns and designs of Coogi are no stranger to today’s celebrities like Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Megan Good, Ice T, Vivica Fox, Stacey Dash, Jay Z, Damon Dash and many more.

In 2001, major financial problems forced Jacky Taranto to sell Coogi ownership rights to US investors for around $25 million. Although Coogi was generating over $45 million worth of annual sales at that time, Taranto claimed that he was in debt and had to sell his rights for the cash.

In coming years, Coogi garments expects to build an even stronger luxury retail presence. According to credible
sources, the Australia luxury brand will be opening flagship stores internationally for clients to shop direct.

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Even the Smithsonian Institute recognizes Coogi’s excellence in fabric design and manufacture. The prestigious Cooper Hewitt Textile Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute, has inducted Coogi Australia into its permanent collection. The museum’s curator of Textiles, Mr Milton Seonday said, “Coogi represents to me and the Cooper Hewitt one of the highest levels of technique and design.”


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