Look exuberant in Colcci's Floral Strapless Party Dress.
Look exuberant in Colcci's Floral Strapless Party Dress.

Colcci represents hip fashion for the contemporary youth. Established in 1986 in Brazil, Colcci embodies the behavior and idiosyncrasies of a unique youth generation. The line creates sportswear, denims, accessories and footwear which are favorites among fashionistas worldwide.

Colcci finds are designed by a collective of artists and visionaries who aim to incorporate beauty and meaning to the world of fashion. Just like the design collective, the inspiration behind Colcci merchandise are just as varied. Designers are inspired by an array of ideas, including Mexican folk art, religious and historic images, literature, and music. The combination of these inspirations, coupled with the designers’ wonderful design aesthetics, has brought about an excellent and superb-quality line of clothing, accessories and footwear for trendy men and women. True enough, with Colcci’s youthful, feminine and funky apparel, the wearer makes a strong statement of her disposition – fun, young, and fashionable.

Much of Colcci’s success can be attributed to creative director Jessica Lengyel’s vision and the supervision of its parent company. Since 2000, the line has been under the Menegotti family-run AMC Group, which also looks over several famous fashion lines, including Malhas Menegotti, Coca Cola Clothing, Sommer, and Carmelitas.

In 2008, the group expanded further by acquiring the TF group, which carries the lines of Forum Tufi Duek, Tufi Duek, Triton, and Forum. The company is considered the biggest brand holder and manager in Latin America, thanks to its revolutionary philosophy and fashion lines. Every year, the AMC group produces 2.8 million pieces of apparel and makes use of 10,200 tons of fabric, with the help of its 2,600 employees and 5 manufacturing plants.

Every season, Colcci comes up with about 1,800 pieces of clothing, accessories and footwear that are sent down the runway. Besides its hip and fashion-forward aesthetics, Colcci takes much pride in producing quality wears, which mirrors the company’s high regard and commitment to superior quality control.

Look fashionably sweet in Colcci's The Candy Heel Sandal in Green.
Look fashionably sweet in Colcci's The Candy Heel Sandal in Green.

As Colcci’s Saudi Arabia brand manager Braa Serwan puts it, “We are proud of Colcci and its products as well as the confidence of Colcci clients and customers. That confidence is based on the distinguished service that we have, the quality of Colcci products, introducing the latest fashions that satisfy all youthful tastes which are full of vitality.”

Because of its memorable designs and funky fashion sense, Colcci’s fashionable merchandise frequently basks under the media sun. It was featured in Caras Janeiro, Cuem Janeiro, SPFW Janeiro, L’Officiel, Doudounes,. In January 2009, Colcci shoes found its way on the runways of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.The collection featured lady essentials in toned down palettes, trademark little black dresses, unique jackets, and fine-cut trousers.

The walkers for the Sao Paulo fashion week included famous supermodels and celebrities such as, Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Angel Gisele Bundchen (who the company signed in 2005), famous hotel heiress Paris Hilton, and famous male model Rodrigo Hilbert. Once more, Gisele is also featured in the label’s Summer 2009 ad campaign, wherein she strutted the label’s fine denims in a hot and steamy desert background.

With its impeccable and youthful styles, the Santa Catalina-born label has earned a famous following, including teen popstar Hilary Duff, American Idol alum David Cook and Ramiele Mallubay, Syesha Mercado, and Amanda Overmyer.

According to, Colcci Merchandise can be found in 31 countries, 1,650 label stores and 9 franchise stores all over the globe. Colcci’s only American store is based in New Jersey, but the company has outlets in Guatemala, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Japan, and Brazil. It has 102 franchise stores and 1,500 multi-label shops in the country alone.