Ape City presents: Fashion Fridays with Good Trouble Clothing

From Bobby D’s in Redwood City to now, Ape City keeps the mixtapes coming and the shows bringing you that excitement you need. Along with Go Fetti and the Power Loop gang, we have somewhere to hustle after scarfing down that pastrami sandwich and cleaning up nice. Now we got good trouble clothing that is repping for all of the East Palo Alto area. Is the new renaissance here? Probably very quickly so!


Swag from East Palo Alto.
Swag from East Palo Alto.

With all this swag, it’s time we bust out the dope rhymes from Jack when he is spitting game to a latina dame out here at the corner store:

Be Your Man

I first had a vision of an angel in the garden and I started composing sonnets to sing to her.

The wintry husky fur and the snow blowing made seeing a blur.
The gleamer of a diamond bracelet and the thought of will she let me close.
Or is her signal stop like the sign on a post. The room is warm and her seductive glances cause a storm.
I usually wait to start a convo that’s my norm. cause her vision of a man may have a physical form.
But this time I was up in front of her face the every moment I spotted her in the place.
I drilled her like a lawyer in a court case hoping we found a compatible space.
In hopes she would judge me worthy to love her in this world of black waters so murky,

We put on for the city of EPA. #MOB
We put on for the city of EPA. #MOB

That I do anything she asks as long as she doesn’t hurt me. All this I promise for free.
As we spend the night just you and me in an endless sea of blankets.
Together we are stranded on Lover’s Island so let’s cloud chase where ever we land.
While we are on our backs looking up on top of a beach with white sand,
I’ll tell you I’m your biggest fan, and together we make future plans.
All I’m asking is can I be your man.

By: jack earl Williams j.r.
Sage de amor

Now with all this exttra marketing power in the city, you will want to keep the love going with all of the OG’s who are some of the best out here. Where else can you get the ticket that might win $200 and then re-up on vapes and get high all day? Our fashion choices are awesome too so you can aspire to keep the safe house and pull those super hero moves like Drake or Meek Mill do all day. That reminds us, how many of you out there will be following our hero Stevie Boi as he gets into movies like Batman Vs. Superman next year?

Stevie Boi and Ape City will do a show soon! #hoodfashion
Stevie Boi and Ape City will do a show soon! #hoodfashion

We keep this going all day, so make sure to check sojones every day so you can be up to date with what the cool kids on the peninsula are doing.