Adidas Originals: The New Leather and Stripes Capsule Collection for Women

Adidas Originals capsule collection

Calling all sporty women out there! Are you ready for the new Adidas original look? It will be leather and stripes for you this time around, which are the perfect sweater and track pants combination. Both of which are available only from the newest Adidas Originals capsule collection. Designed exclusively for an outgoing woman, this collection that’s ready for launch on Friday August 1 comes complete with sneakers, tees, t-shirt dress, and bags.

This trendy Adidas Originals collection is expected to create a hot fashion trend in the sporty apparel industry. So be the first to visit an Adidas Originals store and get these newest finds in town. Wear an Adidas Original apparel and carry with you outdoor confidence.

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