Celebrity Hats and How They Are Worn

Some celebrities use hats to turn incognito and hide from the glaring bulbs of the paparazzi. Others simply wear them in the name of fashion. Regardless their purpose, here are a handful of celebrities who are caught wearing hats. You decide why they look so adorable or otherwise.

Miranda Kerr Hat

10. Miranda Kerr’s Fedora Hat

Whenever Miranda Kerr goes out, she is almost always seen wearing a hat. Her fedora looks pretty on her in this shot, as it perfectly matches her Isabel Marant Dicker Boots. Her rugged, on-the-go get up composed of a pair of skinny jeans and denim jacket suddenly became a stylish, sophisticated outfit. Way to go, girl!

Taylor Swift

9. Taylor Swift’s Pork Pie Black Felt Hat

This kind of hat seems to be very popular among music performers. Taylor Swift decided to wear one to go along with her long sleeved top in black stripes. Then she matched it with her Rag & Bone lace-up pair. The combination made her burgundy skinny jeans stand out, very much like the sweetness in her smile. She looks too sunny in this photo it does seem like raining at all.

Ariana Grande Hat

8. Ariana Grande’s Beanies

Looking young and beautiful seems to be very easy for Ariana Grande. In this photo, she looks even more posh with the gray beanie hat that goes nicely with her white knitted sweater and designer bag. No wonder why all teens adore this girl.

Emma Watson Hat

7. Emma Watson’s Flat Hat

This fashion ensemble maybe created for some magazine cover. But what the heck, Emma pulled it off very well. Her flat hat worked all too great with her herringbone suit. She looks formal, beautiful, mature, and sexy. It’s time to take this girl seriously from here on. She definitely has grown out of her Harry Potter costume.

Sophia Vergara Floppy Hat

6. Sophia Vergara’s Floppy Hat

Wide brimmed hats have always been the best hat to go with any swimsuit, no less. Wear sun hat for the summer and you’ll get your head, neck, and shoulders protected from the rays of the sun. But no, you don’t have to wait for summer to get this look working for you. You may opt for floppy hats – which looks like this one – to wear with just about any sun dress. It just happened that Sophia Vergara’s body has made the hat stand out in the photo really well.

Jessica Alba Hat

5. Jessica Alba’s Trapper Hat

When it’s cold outside and you need a hat that can protect your head and ears, go for a trapper hat. Everyone loves them during winters, including Jessica Alba. Wearing one, she looked so hot in her outfit, despite the freezing weather outside. Who else can pull off something like this?

Kourtney Kardashian Hat

4. Kourtney Kardashian’s Turban

Sporting a look as brave as this one is something that only the Kardashian’s can do. Kourtney’s turban looks stands out really well. It’s an interesting piece of fashion accessory to match with her dress. And yes, it made her look complete – allowing her to achieved her purpose.

Marisa Miller Hat

3. Marisa Miller’s Flapper Hat

When all you want to be is look sophisticated for the day, then this hat is perfect for you. Wear it like Marisa Miller and you may just be mistaken as a British royalty. These hats are perfect for formal events, just like in this one where Marisa is caught posing for the cameras at the Kentucky Derby.

Lady Gaga's Hat

2. Lady Gaga’s Fascinator

It seems like when Lady Gaga wants to look good, she can. In this photo, her fascinator actually made her look different from what she normally projects. Although the shells in her hair had created the distraction that she always wanted to stage, you can’t disregard the fact that this may just be one of the few outfits that allows you to admire the girl. She has nice makeup even.

Kate Middleton Hat

1. Kate Middleton’s Newspaper Boy Hat

Which Duchess looks great in just about any hat or outfit she wears? It’s the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, no less. This soon-to-be queen can practically wear just about anything and still look beautiful. In this photo, there are no frills or glamour – just her pleasing personality and contagious smile. And that newspaper boy hat she’s wearing may just be among the simplest hats she owns. And boy, does she look great in it without even trying.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.