10 Hip Hop Fashion Accessories You Must Have

Are you raring to be a gangsta? Or maybe you’re an avid follower of hip hop fashion brands? However you classify yourself to be, we only have one suggestion to make: Better not forget about some of the most important and hottest fashion accessories. Some of them you can never do without, as your outfit will never be the same without them.

1. The Hood Jacket

Jackets and street wear go very well together. For starters, there are great selections from Pelle Pelle and similar hip hop fashion outlets. Grab a couple of jackets for yourself as no urban hip hop fashion look will ever be complete without then. Sports jackets are also a good alternative.

2. The Cap

If you’re a hip hop fashion follower, covering your arms with the sleeves of a jacket is not always sufficient. You have to cover your crowning glory as well in order to achieve the look.  For this purpose, baseball caps are quite popular for both men and women. But there are other good choices out there, like bonnets and stocking caps. Explore and see what will work for you.

3. The Sneakers

You’ve got lots of sneaker choices that are ideal to orchestrate your hip hop fashion look for the day. If you’re a certified follower of hip hop clothing, you’ll say that the shoes are the easiest purchase you made, although not necessary the cheapest one. There are all sorts and styles of sneakers available from different major brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, and Supra. Shop around and you’ll find the one that’s perfect.

4. The Blings

Thanks to the many famous hip hop fashion artists, blings in the form of diamond and silver jewelry play a very big role in hip hop fashion. And the rule of thumb is, the bigger the jewelry is, the better will be its effect on you. Long necklaces, extra large silver rings, bracelets, and even a pair of silver teeth will take you a very long way. No doubt these are the most famous hip hop fashion accessories.

5. The Chains

Belly chain
Sometimes, silver jewelry can’t do it alone. There’s a need for those silver chains running around the torso area. Notice how some hip hop fashion icons get very creative with these chains? Go ahead and imitate them. You are welcome to do just about what you wanted to do with the chains too.

6. The Shades


Dark eyeglasses will definitely get you at par with the cool group. Rap artists use then all the time so there’s really no reason why you can’t. The shutter glasses and those oversized white shades became very popular at one point. You may resurrect such fashion accessories or try to come up with something that is entirely your own.

7. Belt Buckles

belt buckle

Hip hop fashion is everything but boring. To add one more unmistakable accent to your look, there are big buckled belt that for you to use. The design you choose is entirely up to you. Maybe you should get something that’s close to your personality? There are Swarovski studded belt buckles and shiny metal designs for you to choose from.

8. The Scarf


The reason why scarves are popular among hip hop artists is because you can use them in so many ways. They can be placed around the head and used a turban. Some put them around their neck. Others tie them around the limbs. Scarves come in a variety to designs too. Pick the one that will complement your chosen look for the day.

9. Oversized watch


Still can’t get enough of the blings? Well, here’s one more accessory to add to your number of jewelry. Wrap a nice oversized watch around your wrist. The latest popular color choice is white, but you can always choose any other brilliant color available. Swarovski strapped watches are also a favorite.

10. Hip hop Tattoo


Now who would have thought that tattoos can’t be part of your hip hop accessory collection? Tattoos are popular among hip hop artists because more than just serving as cool body designs, they are good venues for self-expression as well. There is no doubt that hip hop artists are the big when it comes to creativity or self-expression. Tattoos on the arms are trendy. But many of popular hip hop icons choose to place it on other parts of the body like – get this – the head.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.

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