Everything you need to know about Kid Cudi, including news, music, lyrics and upcoming concerts.  Follow Cudi at Twitter:  http://twitter.com/DatNewCudi

Lupe Fiasco
Hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco, has one of the best comprehensive sites around.  Find tour dates, latest news, music and to quote XXL magazine: the site is “everything Lupe”.  Follow at Twitter http://twitter.com/SeanTheROBOT

Malice fans gather up and head on to your idols’ official website.  You won’t have to read so much, hear things up straight from Malice himself through his v-logs.

Rick Ross
If you’ve been a fan of the Teflon Don, visit the Miami boss himself on his official site which offers not only the latest news, but also cool downloads.

The Coolest Out
Follow Trey Love, Jack Robenalt and Alex Rogers and enjoy their daily discovery of the coolest new music.  Be the first in the know, follow the music know-it-alls in the official music blog for music snobs.

DJ Booth.net
For charts, interviews and 411 on your favorite hip hop stars, go to DJBooth.net.  DJs, get the freshest details on your coveted DJ equipments and find out who’s using what, right here.

Voted number 25 on Vibe’s hottest rap blogs, Elitaste is indeed the tastemaker’s mecca to all things rap.  The Elitaste team also manages a number of rap artists and brands including Wale, Mike Posner, PRGz and Shawn Chrystopher.  The coolest thing is they’re willing to share their knowledge with you.

DJ Semtex
The bloke from London, England views DJs as the backbone of hip hop.  In his blog, DJ Semtex shares what he thinks is hot and not in music… and this guy knows what he’s really talking about.

Sometimes you need a woman’s point of view in this dawg eat dawg world of hip hop. Get your fix from Heather, your hip-hop girl blogger.

The blog title is self-explanatory; you can get the latest gossip, news, music, mixtapes and everything fresh from the hip hop world right here.

Kanye West
Ye is known for his eccentric taste in… almost anything. The tastemaker in fashion and music has been tending his blog for quite some time now, and although we all know he also uses a ghostwriter, Yeezy also takes time to write in himself from time to time.  That is before he got bitten by the Twitter bird. So check what’s new in music, design and everything Kanye, right here.

MTV Mixtape_Daily
Some people need their daily news.  Some need their daily new music.  What to do if you’re the latter? Check MTV Mixtape Daily for your regular mixtape needs.  The site is a proof of how dynamic and creative hip hop artists are, and you’re here to enjoy their music.

My Fabolous Life
Get poppin’ with the star himself. The site comes with many pluses including interactivity with other Fabolous fans, photos, YouTube connectivity to see Fabolous’ new music videos and of course, news and such.  Great if you’re a die-hard fan.

If you can’t pass a day without the voice of your favorite radio DJ and his sick playlist, here’s a suggestion: why not listen and actually watch DJs in action.  Go to Radioplanet.tv which a site which will get you engrossed with their good music, exclusive hip hop videos and news from your favorite hip hop artists.

The Rosenberg Radio
An important who’s who in New York’s hip hop scene, Peter Rosenberg comes to you in the morning with his show and every Sunday night on Real Late with Peter Rosenberg.  Listen to his unique spin on hip hop culture and New York life right here.

The Meaning of Dope
Understand what the word Dope in urban culture means by watching what’s featured on this site, which are selected for your viewing pleasure.

This Is 50
Get the inside dish on what 50 Cent is up to, including tour dates, new mixtapes, albums and general hip hop news. 50 and his team are constantly freshening things up on the site so if you love 50 Cent’s music… and movies, this is your haven.

Zilla Says

Zilla says everything about urban music, including hip hop, R&B and new stuff from up and coming hit makers.  Enjoy a bunch of music videos, news, reviews and… downloads!

This is the place to update yourself with what your favorite hip hop stars are doing, get the newest buzz in everything urban, from fashion to music, to videos… simply among the best source of hip hop.  HipHopDX also has new mixtapes and such, enough to make you go crazy.


The first website to come up with everything hot in the urban news, covering all aspects of lifestyle, arts and culture.  A reliable news source to confirm the gossips on the internet.

Beats and Rants
Not just ordinary beats or rants, this site provides everything fresh when it comes to the urban music and lifestyle.  Check the videos, the exclusive and new music that’s updated daily.

SOHH Blogs
Support Online Hip Hop or better known as SOHH.com is a hip hop website founded by Felicia Palmer and Steven Samuel in 1996.  The site has been dubbed “the best overall hip hop site by Mark Binelli of Rolling Stone magazine in 2000. Check the blog section for in depth look about what’s happening in the industry, as well as fun videos picked out by SOHH bloggers.

This has got to be a daily visit for you if you love new music, up close look of your favorite hip hop stars and what they’re wearing.

The tastemaker of hip hop, this is Chicago’s premier Hip Hop website and hotbed for the Windy City’s urban music scene.  Check their exclusive music, videos, interviews and news items.

If you think old skool hip hop rules, check this site to get some nostalgic beats.  They talk about new stuff too, though.

Some people are more into the visual language and hip hop isn’t all about the music. FilmingHipHop is the place to find the latest news and reviews of films, tv and music videos that impact the hip hop culture. So get the latest dish on upcoming news surrounding the movies and also the latest info on your favorite rappers and actors. If you love discussion, feel free to comment on the posts.

Hip Hop Crunch
The sub title says it all: The Hip Hop News Tabloid for Hip Hop Junkies.

Hip Hop Ressurected
Looking for what’s interesting in the realm of club hip hop? This site has it all, plus if you’re an Entourage fan,you can watch the episodes too.

Hip Hop Ruckus
Don’t know what separates the independent and the mainstream hip hop?  Gain more hip hop knowledge by reading this site as the editors cleverly categorized the mainstream and the independent from both music and video point of view.

Contains the latest news, music and videos in hip-hop to thousands of fans on the internet. But this is not just your ordinary news site, check their blogs for topics ranging from hip-hop to politics. Get exclusive interviews with your favorite artists and meet some new people in the community forum.

Hip hop enthusiast, Kevin Nottingham tries to bridge the gap between all forms of hip hop (old school/new school, underground/mainstream) and he created a place for artist/manager/promoter/label to submit something for inclusion to the site.

From one of the biggest urban fashion retailers online, Live DrJays is a blog which covers everything hot in urban entertainment and fashion.

Looking for something fun, quirky but still heavily related to urban lifestyle and entertainment world?  LooseNeck.com is the place.  Find fun videos and pictures right here.

Maurice Garland
His bio says it all: World-Renown, Locally-Respected Writer, Photographer. Tastemaker and Lifestylist. Enough said!

Metal Lungies
Still within the core content of Hip-Hop and urban culture, the folks at Metal Lungie muse around sports, politics and as they say: 28932 other topics!

Nah Right
The source of music videos from upcoming hip hop artists, as well as new music leaks, upcoming releases and everything a music fan will look for.

Who doesn’t love reading the latest celebrity news? From TV to music, to the latest gossips in the urban entertainment industry, Necole Bitchie has them all.

Straight from their bio: Nolabounce.com is a website dedicated to consolidating New Orleans Bounce-related information and music available online.

Pigeons and Planes
For those in constant search of good new music from any genre: mainstream hip-hop, indie rock and anything in between, check Pigeons and Planes, a blog which is updated several times a day. From local artists you’ve never heard of, to those who are no strangers to the public, get to know them deeper right here.

Rap Radar
If you ever want to be an insider in the hip hop world, consider Rap Radar as your main source. The website covers everything in the urban world and hears what only the insiders are talking about.

Nigel D. brings you the latest Hip Hop news, songs, pics and videos, so what you do with them? Enjoy.

Sandra Rose
She’s about the fiercest blogger there is when it comes to urban lifestyle and entertainment news. Get into all the controversy at SandraRose.com.

Slang Rap Democracy
Looking for the freshest videos regarding the urban culture, entertainment and music? Take part in the Slang Rap Democracy and get into the voice of the people.

Smartenupnas.com covers the lifestyle side of the urban community, as well as entertainment and music. But they also give significant sections for technology and health. For jam-packed info on various interests, this is the place to be.

The Smoking Section
The website that caters to the hip-hop community with the freshest music, hottest information and sharpest opinions from the perspective the spectators’ seat.

Spine Magazine
Music, music and more music from the overall urban culture is featured here, along with the latest news from the entertainment world. The magazine has just joined forces with its sister site, SpineTV and they’re looking good!

This website covers all aspects of the urban lifestyle from hip-hop to fashion to sneakers… from a Miami perspective. Read their interviews which come with exclusive photography and introspective journalism.

The Rap Up
What’s bigger than hip hop? The Rap Up, of course. This website has won multiple awards including Best Hip-Hop Blog, Judges’ Vote (2009) from The Black Weblog Awards, included in The 50 Hottest Rap Blogs of Vibe Magazine and also included in The Best 100 Hip-Hop Sites of XXL magazine. If you love music, entertainment and sexy ladies, this is your haven.

Covering the hottest and juiciest gossips online surrounding Hollywood’s Young Black and Fabulous people, TheYBF is one of the most credible entertainment news source around. Very recommended for daily reads.

A hub of all the best hip hop news site.

Get your rap Mp3’s, videos and commentary from down south and up elsewhere.

Vlad TV
Breaking news in the hip hop world? Who gets there first? Vlad TV lives up to its reputation as the TMZ of Hip Hop.

Shake and Meka shows you what’s dope in the world of hip hop dopeness.

Baller Status
Founded in May 2002, Baller Status has been the place online dedicated to hip-hop music back to when there were only a really few sites dedicated to the urban culture. Now the site has expanded from covering strictly hip hop to covering R&B, entertainment, fashion, gaming, electronics and more.

Featuring the new creative spirit that runs in the streets, the artist studios, and galleries of New York and beyond. Check new hybrids, new techniques, and new mediums are expanding the definition of public art, street art, graffiti, and urban art.

Cocaine Blunts
Rap, rap and more rap. The website contains exclusive interviews with rappers all over the USA, while at times going around the subjects of politics. In short: it’s bluntly rap.

Although their mission is ‘to spread f*ckery to the masses’, their entertainment news is up to date and entertaining. Check what’s up with your hip hop idols right here.

Flawless Hustle
Digging deep into the urban culture, Flawless Hustle has sections you’ll love: videos, hip hop, art, fashion, technology, news, interviews and of course, music. Gossip mongers, send your tips to them, and aspiring artists, check in your tracks and see if you open a door.

Ill Doctrine
From their bio: ill Doctrine is a hip-hop video blog hosted by Jay Smooth, creator of the hip hop music blog and founder of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad.

Miss Info blends wit, news and gossip as her multi-media trademark. We love her for this, because she’s not only credible, the girl has contributed as hip hop journalist to huge music media such as XXL, Vibe, Rolling Stone, Blender, Ego Trip and KING.

Okay Player
Get to know new artists, dig into the hottest news and check the blogs about the urban lifestyle and music only on Okay Player. Get track-by-track reviews of new albums and mixtapes!

On Smash
New music leaks, official videos, just every single thing about music. Downloads are also available.

Plies World
A whole website dedicated to the rapper Plies, which includes music videos, tour dates, news, biography, picture gallery and interactive forum with fellow Plies fans.

Pro Hip Hop
Total insiders’ scoop on what’s hot in the hip hop business news which also covers arts, lifestyle, music and videos. If you want to know who’s doing what and making how much money, this is the place to dig information.

Rap Basement
Your main source of rap, including latest news, videos, downloads and the most important thing: lyrics!

Jay-Z’s clothing line, Rocawear, is one huge success in the hip hop community. Here you can find everything related to the Roc lifestyle, Rocawear’s latest trends, Jay-Z’s new music, general hip hop news, videos and much more!

The Blast by Digiwaxx
From throwback videos to the freshest tunes, talk about your love for hip hop in The Blast by Digiwaxx to fellow fans in the online community.

The Fader
Although they’re all about art and culture, check The Fader’s Style section to check what real people are wearing. The urban street fashion photography screams awesomeness.

The Press Play Show
The Press Play Show contains everything entertaining. From funny videos, great music, hot news, to what’s up in urban fashion. They cover throwback styles and many more. Think fashion is somewhat girly? Balance yourself out with their sports and tech section’s content.

Think the urban arts only exist in the USA? They’re also huge in Europe, and this site covers them all.

When Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Boo Rossini, 211, JW get together and build a website, you get USDA2Day. Featuring great music, video, latest news,this is where you look for everything USDA.

One of the most credible news sources makes it easier for you to find much-needed info on the latest hip hop news, gossips and fashion. They also cover TV shows, movies, culture and many more. They weren’t kidding when they say that they’re redefining hip hop!

Wax Poetics
One of the oldest website about music, since its emergence in December 2001, Wax Poetics has covered the gap between contemporary artists and classic greats. Curious on the origins of your musical interests? Here’s the place to learn.

New music? They got it covered, with videos and all the works. Got music? Send to them and you might just be featured.

THE must-read for any hip hop fan, one of the most credible news sources online as well as offline. XXL Magazine proves that internet and magazines are excellent partners in covering the dynamic hip hop world.

The title of the website says it all. From their bio: With a HIP HOP STATE OF MIND the guiding ethos, HIPHOP.COM aims to bring you a high quality balance of coverage from both the hottest new artists and the iconic architects of the past. The site covers graffiti writers, b-boys, DJs, producers, books, events, films and many more.

What a difference a dash makes, as Hip-Hop.com brings you more of a social forum for hip hop fans to interact. They cover news, new videos and new music. The site’s vision is to be the largest online/offline hip hop portal in the world integrating cutting-edge technology with live entertainment and fan participation. Check what’s going on in off-air events right here.

Ozone Magazine
The website’s sub title is “Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Website” and we believe it. If the rappers are as competitive as we think, they would log onto Ozone Magazine to check on what the others are doing because this site seems to know it all.

An Olive A Day

Owned by 22 years old Olivia from Chicago, the blog covers her daily look and interest in fashion, so ladies, check her blog out, as she writes about unique finds and all fashion-related things. Oh, and there are also giveaways!

Fashion Bomb Daily
Ever wonder what Angela Simmons or Ciara wears in an event? Find the answers: how and where to get them, right here. Also, be a secret fashion police as the website features the hots and the nots from celebrity fashion.

Fresh Fly Flashy
Want to know what’s the latest urban fashion trend for men? From tees to denims to kicks, Fresh Fly Flashy covers all… with yummy pictures.

Legend Blog
Created in 2009, Legend Blog appreciates good art. You think you’re worth a feature? Contact them and you might get lucky!

Lux Livin Online
For fans of Lux Livin Clothing, this is where you find their newest collection.

Mezzo Fashionisto
Calling all curvy and sexy plus-sized girls to check what Nik the Mezzo Fashionisto blog owner has in store for you. The plus-size model also picks the most gorgeous outfit ideas and one thing to learn from her: if you got it… flaunt it!

Musings of a Fat Fashionista
Another fabulous blog for you, fashionable plus-sized ladies. The blog features their picks of awesome plus-size fashion and get this: they also do giveaways!

The title sums it all up. Sneaker fans, unite!

The blog wants to create an online social experience for Streetwear fashion consumers and the brands they love – “An ode to Streetwear fashion and urban life.” GET IT.

The Goodie Bag
If you’re into high fashion (read: designer stuff), The Goodie Bag will help you find that thing you love, online. And sorry ladies, this is for dapper gentlemen only.

Urban Collection
Want to know the primary urban fashion brands in business in the past, present and future? This is the place. You can find Urban Collection’s interviews, editorials, up to hip hop music, art and culture and many more.

Click Clash
We’re always loving this kind of website because it shows us that among the crowded world, there are still some very effortlessly fashionable people around! Take fashion notes from what’s hot from the real human beings you can meet on the streets.

This is one of SoJones.com’s favorite streetwear retailers, featuring famous urban fashion brands but also making room for start up brands in their Kazbah Store. KarmaLoop also does awesome collabs with artists, and their Karmaloop TV exposes who’s hot not only in fashion, but also in music. All those and awesome deals like free shipping, discount codes and many more.

Sneaker fans, Numelo shows the newest kicks every day and also some other guys’ toys. Coolness rating from 1 to 10? 100.

The Urban Agent
Turns out there are many ways to be an urban gentleman and you don’t always have to look to icons like Fonzworth Bentley or Ne-Yo. Check out how at the Urban Agent.

Young Fat and Fabulous
Gabi has got to be one of the most fabulous plus-sized girls ever. This girl LOVES fashion and she looks good in almost anything. Take some fashion inspiration from her, ladies.

For all urban fashion lovers, Yukka sells the coolest of the cool when it comes to Young fashion, whether you’re into U.S. labels, cool European streetwear, the best of British or following the latest style clippings from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z or Rihanna.

You Heard That New

Get hip hop insider ish from You Heard That New. Behind the scenes footage, hard to find mixtape downloads, it’s a candy store for rap city.

Their tagline says it all: “your favorite DJ’s favorite website”. The latest latest latest joints from mainstream to up and comers.

You might know them as Philaflava, this is strictly for the hip hop underground connoisseur. Tread lightly in their lively forums or get owned.

Don’t Get Gassed
Love the off-the-cuff commentary. Your must-see website for east coast rap, style and even comedy. Fresh new downloads of what they call “Fire Mixes”. Get em while they’re hot.

Hip Hop is Read
If your life is hip hop, get yourself over to Hip Hop is Read. Check out their Exclusives corner.

Other Music…from a Different Kitchen
“The Trill O.G. Blog” is an eclectic mix of highbrow alternative, mixtapes and social commentary. Word.

We Eat So Many Shrimp
Interviews, downloads and snippets of news and pics from around the world of hip hop.

“Cold gettin dumb on you crumbs” has weekly color commentary on releases, artist moves and tracks from those who have been in or following the game for a very long time.

Bust the Facts
Since 2006 these guys have been reporting on rap from westside to eastside. Extensive mixtape downloads.

All the Way Live
Extensive east coast reporting from the live shows big and small, and big bonus, full live concert downloads from major and minor artists like Wale, Money Making Jam Boys, Jay-Z, The Roots and so much more.

Get Right Music
Get Right Music said it best: “The best things in life are free” and “If it’s not here, it’s not worth the download.” Mixtapes are all in one section so you can peruse and snack ’em like potato chips at your leisure.

Word of South
Nicely organized site dedicated to news, music, videos and interviews all about the southern game.