Streetwear Spotlight: Addiction Clothing + GIVEAWAY!

In case you haven’t noticed, urban fashion is our drug and here at SoJones, we get our fix by featuring the sickest up and coming brands out there.  This week, Addiction Clothing satisfies our need of something fresh.  SoJones sits down and gets the 411 of the brand from Marcel Severino and his team.  Read on to find out how wearing it will make you look fly. High.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?
Addiction Clothing was started in April 2010 in hopes of redefining your current lifestyle. We, at Addiction, feel that we should all live life comfortably and the way we want to. Only the great have thrived in their addiction. As addicts ourselves, we promote the use of life to the full extreme. So, live life high, live it fast, live it like you’ve never lived before.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Kanye, etc)
Our inspiration behind our summer drop was really comprised of what we felt our summer would be like. We designed graphics based on where we pictured ourselves being and wearing what. We would just be like, “Yo, if we were at the beach, with a tanktop on, what would we have on it?” Addiction Clothing—wearing it makes you look fly, High.

Danse Daimons reppin' Addiction Clothing
Veze Skante

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)
We’ve been real selective with who we toss out merchandise to, but we’ve dealt with some awesome people that really represent the brand. We’ve had Curt@!n$, Veze Skante, Kooley High, Jessy Terrero, Danse Daimons, Avery Storm, and Derrick G so far. These are a group of individuals that really keep progression in the palm of their hands and really make a mark in their own lane of the industry. We’re all addicts at heart.

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year? (a particular piece, a look or even another brand)
Surprisingly nothing. Fashion is definitely at some pivotal point in history and is gearing up towards something fresh. Style and trends have been here and there, but fashion has kept its cool.

What current fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?
Pirate Wear. We’re tired of these damn eyepatch-wearing, woodleg-having, Captain Hook wannabe’s. Stop swagger-jackin’.

What is/was one of your most prized fashion pieces, past or present?
What is, was, and always will be a prized fashion piece of ours is our Stash Pocket. On all of our items we place a hand made pocket instead of a tag that is removable and replaceable. Like we always say, “Have a pocket for what’s important!”

TuPac or Biggie?
“I was a terror in the public school era. Bathroom passes, cuttin’ classes, squeezing asses. Smoking blunts was a daily routine.”

You can get yourself some new Addiction for a very reasonable price range, from $10 for accessories up to $30.  Just go over to their official website at to check out the full collection.


We are really excited to give out THREE awesome prizes from Addiction Clothing to THREE lucky winners! Check out what you can win:

Lady Addiction Dime 1/2 Tote Bag
Tote bag offered in black and red with gold button snap closures and Lady Addiction screen.

Hit Blunts Not Bitches Tee
The infamous Hit Blunts Not Bitches Tee promoting going green in the Banana Split Owch Wowch colorway.

Addiction Clothing’s women’s indigo tee featuring a white outline screen of lovers jointed at the hip and in mind.

Lovin’ them?  Great!

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35 thoughts on “Streetwear Spotlight: Addiction Clothing + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Everyone is diggin the “blunts not bitches” one cuz the other two prizes are for the females. Lol. Although, my girl would def rock that tote. So sign me up!

  2. Addiction keep doing your thing! Marcel I'll always support you guys..thanks for keeping us in the loop about what you do..the fact that you base your clothes around your personal style is what makes your stuff so wearable…Dani loves Addiction bay-bee!!

  3. I love addiction! Keep up the awesome work guys !!! Marcel I miss u && im lovin the modeling on the page lol

    Facebook – Laura Conti

  4. YOOOOOO MARCEL WE USE TO WORK AT MTNY TOGETHER.. I"M OUT IN MA AS A DJ AND WOULD LOVE TO HELP PROMOTE YOU GUYS!!! HIT ME UP @ facebook – Jesse Janedy We can talk bout bringing you guys out here to throw a fashion event… People out here will eat that shit up!

  5. Love you guys so much and I love being a part of the team “Quality versus Quantity” haha production rules !!!

  6. why everything thats supposed to be bad makes me feel soooooo goood..whats your addictionnn?! Marcel is very proud of you, keep it up!

  7. Yo you guys are fucking ballers. Hit Blunts Not Bitches is hot as hell and the owl makes me cream. Everything about your clothes are great. My mom and my girlfriend where them. ADDICTION ROOLZ.

  8. Ok, so guys think the bitches shirt is funny, but come on women, this is still offensive, why are you giving it a pass? I think there is a culture in the black community where it is ok for men to refer to women as bitches, dunno maybe women call each other that? Either way to me it is sick. Ok, so don't hit women, fine but now you're still calling them bitches? Huh?

  9. I've been trying to log onto their site for a couple weeks now to buy some clothes and it's been down – any idea how or where to order?

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