Streetwear Catch-Up Session: Avrumi Rumario + GIVEAWAY!


SoJones loves new, rising streetwear brands, but what we love the most is brands with steady growth and increasing fan base. When we first talk to Rumi Rumarr from Avrumi Rumario Collection earlier this year, the brand has already have close ties with celebs and prominent streetwear icons. What are they up to now? Check our catch-up session with Rumi Rumarr from Avrumi Rumario Collection.

What’s up Avrumi Rumario? How are things nowadays?
Things are going good. We have been thinking and trying to figure out the whole distribution and marketing/ promo side of the business right now. As we have already gotten the line off the ground, but now need to focus in on getting the line into certain stores across the nation as well as branding the line. We also are wanting to really show what the look that we see the line as to the people. Right now we love the little collection we have, but there is so much more we can do and want to do as well as to diversify the line. LOOK DIFFERENT. What you see now is only 1 percent of what we want out and to show meaning the 1 percent you see might be bright and loud colors, but we also have lots and lots of other things as I was saying that someone may not know or may be surprised when we put it out. We want that classy streetwear line look with the ability to be out of the box and put out anything from a nice bubble jacket/ vest/ snorkle for the winter to a clean simple polo to some dope sneakers too maybe the bandit tee which we have now which is a loud and we would say a more hip-hop/skinny jean/ punk,etc look, ya know? We also just did a shoot with a new upcoming model named Jasmin Noelle which was a great look for the line, very beautiful young lady. She participated in a Special Edition Sportbike Shoot we did with photographer David Farrell.

Tell us about your newest collection.
The newest pieces to to our collection is the HELP HAITI benefit tee and the Stop the Hate AK47 tee. The HELP HAITI benefit tee is a piece we did for a friend of ours named Jean Frantz Manseanna. He is Haitian and has family that was in the earthquake and all proceeds goes towards his Help save a Life foundation. Which is aimed at awareness of Haiti as well as helping to feed his family there as well as others. Its something still in the making and process so were interested to see what he has planned for the future and what he does with it. The AK47 Stop the Hate tee is one we did to not only send a message but also something that was simple and dope to wear. You can purchase both of them at our online store

What’s your best-selling item(s) so far?
As of right now definitely we would say the Bandit tee hands down. People are really feeling that. After that we would say the Ak Stop the Hate tee and the lime green AR tee is pretty popluar.

Any upcoming celebrity love or endorsement?
Well… yeaps of course! As always we like to support and show love to our dj’s and artist as they show love back. Recently Juelz Santana, Shawty Lo, and upcoming rapper C.khid and SoJones founder showed love to the brand by getting shirts. THANKS FAM! We always appreciate when artist gets our gear. But we also always appreciate just as much if not more when just regular people get our line and enjoy or rock it to as we are all just regular cats here at Avrumi Rumario. We stay with the people ya know..? But yea artist are only regular people that have become succesful at what they are doing anyways.

Any upcoming collaborations with other brands?
Well right now we dont have any BUT we are always open here at ARC and interested in doing any kind of Collabs with pretty much anyone. So any other brands out there wanna link wit we. Den Let we know. Contact us an we can see what we an work out as well as anyone interested in marketing/ promo as well of any type. We are trying to put a good team together.

However we have done a collaboration with upcoming rapper/ SoJones founder C.khid which we think is a great look and like his positivity. Check his “sour sugar” song out. Its dope. But yea he actually is wearing our clothing in alot of his new videos which you can check out on youtube like ” yea yea” .

He likes the brand and we are intrigued from how much he has accomplished seemingly on his own so far from the SoJones, to Chick and Kicks to, his music and so yea we definitely support him and hope his career takes off.

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