Solange for the Michael Kors Streetwear Line


American singer, songwriter, actress and model Solange is Michael Kors’ ultimate choice for his new streetwear line. Beyonce’s little sister has a few stints in the disbanded group Destiny’s Child. She has not been very active since then until these past two years. This 30-year-old songstress has recently released her fourth studio album in June.

The Michael Kors streetwear collection is a first of its kind. Solange is the ultimate choice because of her fashion-forward, which was widely followed and imitated in the US. Her fashion fame is slowly spreading globally.

The campaign was called Michael Kors The Walk was shot across Manhattan. Solange was photographed by Tommy Ton, while the videography was handled by the Wednesday Agency.  Solange was made to wear three pieces from the recent Michael Kors collection, and she paraded them across the West Village and Greenwich Village.

Solange is Michael Kors personal choice also because of her strong and passionate personality. She exudes that type of confidence that people admire. She isn’t afraid to voice out her opinions, nor her explicit taste in fashion and accessories. But most importantly, she can wear any of Michael Kors pieces and integrate her own style.

Solange is joined by a few other brand ambassadors whom this generation’s top designed deemed to have the same characteristics and equally good social media following. Kors also encourages fans to share their love for the brand through the hashtag #SidewalkSpotted. To know more about Michael Kors’ The Walk collection, click here.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.