R.I.P Irma Bule

We at SoJones know that accidents happen everyday and all over the place, but we want to give a big R.I.P. to Irma Bule for everything we represent here at the celeb/fashion headquarters. According to Palo Alto daily:

Irma Bule set the stage in a passionate gaze whenever she sang.
Irma Bule set the stage in a passionate gaze whenever she sang.

Indonesian pop singer Irma Bule died this week after being bitten by a cobra used an an on stage prop during a live performance, according to the Tlegraph in London. A witness said that the deadly snake bit Bule on the thigh after the singer accidentally stepped on it sunday during the second song. Witnesses at the gig in Karawang, West Java, said Bule didn’t seem affected at first and refused an antidote from the snake handler. About 45 minutes later, Bule started vomiting and collapsed.

You can't play with fire like the ladies do with #Gofetti #dysmanic
You can’t play with fire like the ladies do with #Gofetti #dysmanic

It’s crazy how things can happen in the world. But one thing you need to know: Dysmanic and Apecity Reem will make sure that stage security is cool and right for the night as El Jefe Fats gets his set done and moves to the next city. Also, be sure to check out this awesome fashion innovator Sumaira Nabeel with her unique, fresh approach to bay area fashion.  You guys will now be very pleased to also know that the Enigma Stevie Boi is always looking to do collabs with artists like Irma, so if you are a daring artist- get brave and join go fetti sauce game on instagram at: gofettisaucegame. While we on tour in Mexico, remember you got that Stevie Boi exclusive interview we promised. #Mariahcarey

  1. So tell us about your residency with Mariah carey coming up. Have you guys spoken about what 
    she may want to wear from your collection?

I cant say much but I was approached to provide custom sunglasses for a special project while she is in Vegas. 

  1. We heard you will be meeting with a very special guest regarding your charity work. Tell sojones 
    more about that as well. 
  2. https://youtu.be/vbrxs2u_9g4

I will be doing GMHC Aids walk May 15th. The day after my store opening in Chelsea. I will have so many big figures in the LGBT community walking with and for the cause. We will also document the entire process. 

  1. What is the biggest goal you have set for 2016 to get your brand in front of the new generation 
    of artists? 

One of my biggest goals is to get my products on a mainstream commercial in the usa. Ironically today I was offered something along those lines.

  1. Will we be seeing more Eda frames influences for your next lineup after ‘Cabin”

Yes! So far our collaboration has been picked up by over 10 plus stores. So as of today we are working on the next collection.

  1. Speaking of Cabin, what was your favorite city you visited for that tour?

I am still on the tour. But I have India coming up. I have already been to Dubai and Egypt so this will be very different.

We hope you will be able to catch one of these events. #stevieboimarketing
We hope you will be able to catch one of these events. #stevieboimarketing
  1. Just like last time, we had Lorde wearing your stuff after our interview with you. This time we 
    can imagine Halsey wearing your stuff. She’s really making a futuristic statement with her 
    album, ‘badlands’

Thats IRONIC you ask that!! I am actually speaking to her team in the next hour or so for a phone conference! I think she would look great in my pieces.

Thanks for your time stevie boi!

Thank you!!



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Get your style on with #Industhreads


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