The Princess Diana Fashion Exhibit

Princess Diana

There’s no denying that Princess Diana is one of the most popular royalty in the world. Upon her demise, millions of admirers from all over mourned her death. Recently, the memory of Diana was immortalised in a fashion exhibit in Kensington Palace, which is her former home. The exhibit was held in commemoration of her 20 years death anniversary.

This fashion exhibit, dubbed as Diana: Her Fashion Story, is scheduled to run through 2017. It showcases 25 of the most iconic clothes worn by Diana in her heyday. One of her fashionable items on display is her inky blue velvet gown created by Victor Edelstein. It’s the same gown she wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985.

The popular Elvis dress created by Diana’s personal favourite, Catherine Walker, is also put on view sans the tiara. She used it during her official visit in Hongkong. This unforgettable dress is a strapless white silk crepe with a high-collared bolero jacket and tons of sequins and pearls.

Diana also has lots of chic suits on display, namely the poppy-red well paparazzi suit also by Catherine Walker, the blue tartan jacket y Emanuel, and the brown tweet suit by Bill Pashely.

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