The New Superrradical Urban Fashion Line


Tyler Grosso’s career supposedly started in 2012, when he was offered a job over Facebook as the assistant of the late A$AP Yam. Right there and then, he dropped everything and moved to New York City with only a couple of hundred dollars in his pocket. For three years, Grosso worked closely with the A$AP Mob as the creative director’s right hand man and graphic designer. He trained with the industry’s top charting hip-hop artists and fashion icons.

Oozing creativity, Tyler produced a clothing line that is highly defined by his own lifestyle and raw approach. With the success of his Promethazine jacket,  Grosso has reintroduced a WWE inspired style line that has absolutely exceptional visuals.

After an encouraging Autumn-Winter 2013 collection, the new fashion bigwig returns with his hotly anticipated Superrradical brand in its new season. Tyler approaches designs with a chilly undefined mentality and this is clear to see with his flirting with death visuals.

In 2015, Grosso parted from the group to pursue his very own streetwear brand Superrradical full-time. His edgy, minimalist clothing line has gained a cult following with collections substantially selling out within the first hour of their release.

The Superrradical 2016 collection that is released recently is something that Grosso is very proud of. It contains his first cut n’ sew piece, along with a pair of camouflage pants, two hoodies, and four new tees. He describes the trendy line as very clean and simple, yet hardcore and attractive at the same time.

Alexis Jackson is a huge fan of urban fashion and streatwear and loves to write about her passion and share it with the world.