Meet Today’s Most Stylish Male Rappers Under 30


We love their music. It can be the theme song to our greatest moments. Sometimes they transcend the music realm and we begin to look at them for more than just great raps, we start to actually notice what they’re wearing. Just like not all music is going to inspire us to buy their albums, not all rapper’s sense of style is going to encourage us to call them stylish. There’s a huge new influx of rappers under the age of thirty and some of them are not only great rappers, but great dressers as well. We took a look at some of the guys to watch on both fronts and compiled a list of who you should take notice of.

A$AP Rocky


The Harlem upstart is routinely mentioned among the most fashionable rappers in the game and it is for a reason. High fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of A$AP, but he seamlessly blends Margiela and Balmain with subtle ease.

Kid Cudi


He may have left G.O.O.D. Music, but he didn’t leave his good fashion sense behind. He is one of the few who can mix in leather jackets, skinny jeans, and retro Jordans and still make it look cool.

Childish Gambino

102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango_Show

Bino a.k.a. Donald Glover has perfected the comfortable yet fashionable sporty prep look. He mixes in polos, cardigans, and dark wash jeans like nobody’s business.

Frank Ocean

Brit Awards 2013

The Odd Future crooner had an incredible run the last two years, and that brought a lot of attention to not only his music but his sense of style as well. It’s an eclectic mix of hipster meets streetwear and adds in a nice sneaker game to boot.


Aubrey is not afraid to experiment and go to different places in his music. In the fashion world, he does exactly the same. The former king of cardigans has expanded his wardrobe, and the move works for him, sometimes. Dada should never be worn again.

Kendrick Lamar

BET Awards 2013 Nominee Announcement Press Conference

Rap’s next big thing was pushed into the limelight over the last year. Just like his music pushed him above almost all of his so-called peers, his style of dressing is doing the same.

Tyler, The Creator


incase / flickr

The Odd Future front man is the epitome of SoCal skate fashion. Vans, graphic tees, tube sock, jeans, and cutoffs. Of course, he has tailored it to make it his own with OFWGKTA gear, but the foundation was already laid.


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