A King Of Oneself, Rapper TI Launches AKOO Clothing Line

AKOO Clothing Available HERE


photo – Akoo Clothing

Debuting earlier in 2008 at the MAGIC Fashion Convention, AKOO clothing by rapper Clifford Harris aka T.I. gained much buzz in the street wear culture. Facing court issues currently himself, the rapper’s media attention leave his face and clothing line logo on television screens across America daily. Finding time to live his life recently, TI took the time to launch his new streetwear line AKOO in New York City.
Booking the Taj Lounge in New York City, rapper TI held an official launch party for AKOO clothing with distributor RP55. Released in stores across the world on November 15th, the party debuted winter wear coats, jeans, jackets, and other fashions from the AKOO clothing line.


“The event was a blast. TI was a really cool guy and his clothing line is definitely high quality. AKOO will stand above major Hip Hop clothing lines because of the fitted style and unique designs,” said one consumer.
AKOO clothing is available online at Hip Hop clothing stores such as DrJays.com . With many holiday shoppers looking to purchase pieces from Hip Hop clothing brands, Sojones.com urban fashion site will keep updates on where to purchase AKOO.
AKOO is an acronym for A King Of Oneself, which T.I. relates to a take control attitude that leads to one’s successful future.

AKOO Clothing Available HERE