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There’s an unmistakable je ne sais quoi about Lacoste, a sportswear brand born in the 60’s, which is now tightening its grip on the fashion world. SoJones is very lucky to interview Lacoste’s Marketing Director, Lynette Briones and also Creative Director, Ryan Lamont, to get to know what Lacoste is all about.

Lacoste is known as a worldclass sports brand. Is it still sport-driven now?
Lynette Briones: Lacoste has a heritage in the world of sport and that is something we very much try to keep a part of our DNA as a brand. We use that angle and keep it fresh each season by putting a twist on heritage. For instance, the idea around our Steel Racquet pack of footwear is based around the steel racquet Rene Lacoste invented in the 1960’s.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration
Ryan Lamont divides the themes into 2 categories, womens and mens.

The key trend that Lacoste are setting for Spring/Summer 2011 is the use of bold primary colours to reinvigorate the nautical theme. Our Sportswear team travelled to Marrackech in Morrocco, visiting “Jardins Majorelles”. Colours, contrasts and light games influenced this collection.

Bold tricolore, contrasting panels and the juxtaposition of light and dark set the tone for the womens collection. The use of our colours of White, Red and Navy displays our pride in our French heritage whilst the bolder yellows and purples represent the joie de vivre of our founder Rene Lacoste.

Our main focus is on our sandal collection where we are offering a number of new models utilizing the pique material found in our most famous garment – the polo shirt. The use of sporty, covered wedges in bold colors represents our belief that what you wear should be fun and represent your personality.


Our key trend for the Spring / Summer 2011 collections is the continuation of a casual lifestyle theme, influenced by Sport. We are witnessing a shift in taste from the “true sport” to the “casual sport”. For this reason we are using casual fabrics such as suede, canvas and premium leathers but we are still referencing our sport heritage through Golf inspired outsoles and Nautical inspired sole units.

Models such as Crosier Sail and Crosier Sail Mid are inspired by Nautical elements such as the whip-stitch detail on the vamp, leather lace detail and metal eyelets. The colours are more casually inspired with dark browns, deep blues and blacks running throughout the collection. Interest on the upper is created through the subtle contrasts between suede and leather in tonal colours.

Our nautical heritage is confirmed through a true boating model – the Arlez. Available in tricolore and block coloured uppers, our boating shoe is a celebration of craftsmanship and detail with a moccassin upper in a true “blake” construction. The nautical theme is then taken into models such as Bateau and Rocher using syped outsoles and available in tonal colourways.

Any new product placements on celebs / athletes to keep an eye out for?
Lynette Briones: We hosted several VIP’s, including Kristen Stewart, Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung and Paul Walker, at our Lacoste house during the Coachella festival in Palm Springs. The music scene is becoming an interesting venue for us as a brand and we have gotten recent placement in the Pixie Lott and Tamar Kaprelian videos that are in rotation currently.

What classic Lacoste piece is still hot with the fans? (apparel, accessories, etc.)
Lynette Briones: As to be expected, the 1212 polo is a very popular style for clothing and the classic Carnaby Retro takes the top spot in footwear for its clean, sporty look.

What’s the brand aim to release later this year?
Lynette Briones: Later in the year we will release a few different collaboration projects so you will have to stay tuned…

What are the three items from Lacoste you’d recommend to be worn together at once for each our ladies and gents?
For summer, a lady cannot go wrong in a pique dress with a woven belt and a great pair of Similee ballet flats.

Lacoste Short Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo Dress, $135

Lacoste Similee Ballet Flats, $95

For the men, I would suggest a 1212 polo in a vibrant color for summer, the Retro Fly sunglasses and a pair of Navigate boat shoes.

Lacoste Classic Pique Polo Shirt, $79.50

Lacoste Shades, $154

Lacoste Navier 5 Shoes, $124.99


Here’s how it works:
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