Streetwear Spotlight: Dope Couture + GIVEAWAY


Looking to try out the high-life? Check Dope Couture, a streetwear brand which brings the luxurious lifestyle to you. The Dope Couture name itself says it all: the brand feels that everyone deserves the right to feel on top of the world. Get ready for some lavish and dope treatment as talks to Matte Fields, the brain behind the brand.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started
I’m Matte Fields – owner/founder of the Dope Couture brand & boutique. I started Dope a little over two years ago. I have been pretty heavy into fashion my whole life. You know that Mike Epps snippet from his stand up routine? That was me. I always had the shirt folded on top of the jeans with the shoes under the chair – ew I’m ganna kill em in the morning. I’ve never been a morning person but If I had some fresh gear I became motivated to get moving. Now that same kind of motivation is the fuel for the work I do with Dope Couture today.

Describe this season’s theme for your line. Include any sources of inspiration (examples: 80’s punk, muses like Amber Rose, 70’s disco bands, Kanye, etc)
This season I was heavily inspired by travel, vintage luggage, high fashion lines especially Dior and Hermes. A lot of the line is centered around this. There are also some pieces inspired by Big L, the cosmos, Cherokee Indians, Babar and the bourgeoisie.

Any product placements on celebs to keep an eye out for (examples: publicity photos, magazines, movies, music videos etc)
Just sent a little product to the G.O.O.D. Music camp, tAz Arnold, Tyga & Gata, Stalley and DJ iLL WiLL.

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year? (a particular piece, a look or even another brand)
The snapback is making a huge come back. We’ve got a string of really solid snapbacks that are going to release this year. Our limited run of logo snapbacks flew off our shelves at Christmas and we anticipate the same with all or our new designs. This has been a trend on the coasts for a few years but to see it infiltrate the Midwest like it has is pretty wild. Especially when cats are completely done with New Eras. That was a little unexpected. Other than, although somewhat unexpected, I am excited about seeing super distressed denim, mesh hats, and animal prints making more appearances. Definitely feeling the whole beige movement as well.

What current fashion trend would you like to see thrown overboard?
Urban Outfitters.

What is/was one of your most prized fashion pieces, past or present?
I’ve got a vintage inspired Hermes pocket scarf. It actually served as a source of inspiration for our Spring Line. I constantly look at it and pull color inspiration.

TuPac or Biggie?
I grew up listening to Tupac so my answer is Tupac. “The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams.”

For the Dope Couture fashion treatment, prepare to shell out around $32 up to $100 at Karmaloop’s Kazbah Store. Here are some SoJones-approved Dope Couture pieces:

Dope Couture Miniposter Zip Up Hoodie $75

Dope Couture Marc Jacobs Photo Tee, $32

Dope Couture Marc Jacobs 5-panel hat, $45

Here are the newest collection from Dope Couture that you will surely like -because we’re crazy about them too.  Using a fashion noir approach, Dope Couture released DopeTales, which consists of a sequel to last summer’s Jetsetter collection. The line includes a visualization and interpretation of late 80’s comic book series and you’d recognize the characters in an instant.

Check the rest of the collection at and get some classy fun in your summer style.

Dope Couture GIVEAWAY!!

Winners of the contest have their own choice of: a MEN’s tee, WOMEN’s tee or HAT from the latest Dope Couture line via the “SoJones Article Comments Lottery” See below to get an idea of what kind of dopeness you could win!

Here’s how it works:
1. Every SoJones comment posted on this page from July 30th to August 13th, 2010 counts as a “lottery entry”. Also make sure when you comment, have a link to somewhere we can contact you (like your SoJones account, your facebook, etc.). It makes it easier to contact you if you win.
2. Drawing for FIVE winners will be held on August 14th. Winners will be announced on this page and on the forums page (

Article Comments Lottery Rules
One item per winner
Previous winners must wait 30 days before entering this contest
Duplicate comments will not count, like posting “I love this forum” or “hi” 50 times.
Garbage or nonsensical comments will not count, like “awr#$ASFasdfkl”
Comments hating on other people will definitely NOT count.
U.S. residents only


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