Streetwear Catch-Up Session: Akufuncture + GIVEAWAY


A few months ago, SoJones checked out a promising apparel brand, Akufuncture.  The brand is doing well, and they’re on to their third season this spring.  SoJones is delighted to have them back here, dishing on what’s going down with their line: Samuel Wang gave up the 411 on his brand.

What’s up Akufuncture? How are things nowadays?
Akufuncture is doing very well in this new year. We released our 3rd season for Spring/Summer 2010 and signed some higher profile sponsorship deals with talents in the west coast. We actually just returned from attending Ultimate Brawl X, which was held in Riverside, CA. It is one of the premiere dance competitions in Southern California. Akufuncture collaborated with the event and designed their official event shirt. Among the dancers were some big names in the industry, including Team Millennia (of America’s Best Dance Crew fame), Poreotics (ABDC season 5 winners), Shaun Evaristo (who has choreographed Omarion) and S**t Kingz, (who danced for Mariah Carey when she went to the Japan MTV VMA awards in 2008). Our designs were really well received by dancers and attendees and it has helped us attain tremendous exposure in the dance community.

Tell us about your newest collection.
This season we not only deliberately made an effort to mature our designs, but we also focused on the theme East vs. West. We wanted our collection to be worn on all occasions and by a wider range of customers. With shirts like Chinese Opera and Urban Cleansing, the Spring/Summer 2010 collection is more low key but still offers the same fresh designs not seen in the market now. Akufuncture also played with one of the most controversial Chinese character in Chairman Mao this season, and is bound to create some heated conversation. However, we did not forget the customers who has followed us since the first season and returned with a new design of our Monkey King and Nezha disguised as Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson in a tribute to the two greats.

What’s your best-selling item(s) so far?
So far, the Urban Cleansing shirt, which we collaborated with artist Martin Hsu, has been the best seller despite being the most expensive shirt in the collection at $39.99. However, the shirt is limited to only 144 and comes with 2 collectible stickers of Urban Cleansing, and we believe those are the reasons why it is the best seller.

Any upcoming celebrity love or endorsement?
I think our biggest upcoming celebrity love would be from Poreotics, who won America’s Best Dance Crew in Season 5. They wore Akufuncture shirts during the last 4-5 episodes of ABDC and they love our designs. We are currently working (as of now, possibly a done deal by the time this is published) to sign them to an endorsement deal.

Any upcoming collaborations with other brands?
As far as collaboration goes, we cannot disclose any details at this moment because it is brewing at this moment and we want to keep it as a surprise, but we have a few collaboration ideas in the pipeline that might surprise people. Keep on the lookout for Akufuncture.

You can check Akufuncture’s collection on their official website:  Most items are priced around $25, and all of them are must-haves.  Here are some of SoJones-approved pieces from Akufuncture:

We are giving THREE LUCKY WINNERS a chance to win a hot shirt from AKUFUNCTURE via the “SoJones Article Comments Lottery” See below to get an idea of what kind of dopeness you could win!

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