SoJones Calls It: RIP “Swagger”. Thanks Toyota

Everyone gets older, but it doesn’t mean y’all got to be whack, yo.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, SoJones has discovered Toyota’s recent stabs at viral marketing, which include videos featuring the fictional “Sienna” family” and their namesake, the Sienna minivan.

Where my mother-fathers at?! So long to the 10-2....

And it’s when the fam decided to get lyrical with their delivery that it got personal for the rest of us. Personal as in all of a sudden I feel like starting a rap battle! From their You Tube video description:

Watch as the Sienna Family drops their hot new single, Swagger Wagon. This goes out to all you minivan families out there who get a Sienna SE for space but fill it with your family’s swagger.

Though Toyota was only trying to resuscitate its image, all they really accomplished was to put the final nail in the coffin that the word “swagger” is lying in. “Making it rain” is looking terminal as well.


After Toyota’s recall of vehicles that included the Sienna, the need to refocus their approach and gain back trust makes sense, but is this the way to go?

8 thoughts on “SoJones Calls It: RIP “Swagger”. Thanks Toyota”

  1. wow. another "calling it…" by an armchair blog that no one reads except when it's ironically dug.

  2. Yawn, I love my 2002 Sienna with 167,000 miles. Best car I have ever owned in my life.

  3. I own a toyota corolla and will buy another toyota. Lasts longer than a detroit built. I have owned 6 detroit built cars/trucks and never lasted much past the loan at the bank before costing me huge amounts of money to keep together. The Toyota is a great vehicle.

  4. Awesome! Nailed it!

    That IS how ludicrous YOU look. The only thing missing was a crotch grab.

    Yo? WTF?

  5. I like the different approach from Toyota. I love their cars but generally dislike their conservative marketing. At least they are trying something new.

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