Ultimate White Trash Mother’s Day Gift: White Castle-scented Candle

For Mother’s Day this Sunday, don’t let your mom settle. Forget the usual carton of cigarettes, the homemade ashtray or vodka that comes in a plastic jug.

Give the unique gift that will remind her simultaneously of your creative thoughtfulness and her love of fast food: the White Castle burger-scented candle.

The White Castle-scented candle. What's next, NASCAR-scented body shampoo?

White Castle states that the ceramic container filled with urine-colored wax  “infuses the home with the steam-grilled aroma of America’s first fast-food hamburger.”

Freakshow hopes for White Castle deodorant in time for Father's Day

Even though they only went on sale this past Monday, they’re already sold out. White Castle’s marketing department must be rubbing their hands together with glee. In the meantime, Ebay has some on sale you might wanna grub on.

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