Grassroots Streetwear Spotlight: Only New York

Only New York Sticker WaHi NYC (By: Jacob Breinholt)

Micah Belamarich and Julian Goldstein are two born and bred New Yorkers who are truly living the dream. Both grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan, and were classmates in high school. After finishing up at FIT, Micah had aspirations of starting a street wear line and Only New York was born. As production and popularity grew, Julian joined the Only team.

I first came to know of the Only New York brand after randomly shooting the photo above. I loved the way that the clean-styled logo played on the the image of the omnipresent vending-machine coffee cup. As it turns out, the brand has been getting a lot of coverage on the street wear blogs lately and I thought it was high time that SoJones got in on the action.

I was able to meet up with the duo on a sunny afternoon in Harlem, and get the Only New York scoop for SoJones. (By: Jacob Breinholt)
Julian (left) and Micah (right) under the Riverside Dr. Bridge Harlem NYC (By: Jacob Breinholt)

Both Micah and Julian contribute to the creative and business side of operations. As street artists growing up in New York City, their styling is drawn heavily from the environment that they are both most familiar with. The well of inspiration includes everything from street art, to subway signs and plastic take-out bags.

Only New York (New Yorker than you) Only New York (Coffee Cup)

During our chat, Micah and Julian gave me a quick and dirty (literally: melting snow was making everything muddy) tour of their neighborhood. We started out near the piers at 125th and the Hudson River. We worked our way up through parts of Riverside Park that aren’t readily accessible, until until reaching the Columbia Campus.

Being that both interviewees are also avid photographers, we stopped several times along the way so that they could point out some aged graf, and snap some shots of it.

Micah and Julian under the Hudson River Pkwy (By: Jacob Breinholt)

Only New York clothing is available at a handful of local shops. If you are digging on Only’s style, but don’t live in the New York City metropolitan area, Only New York also has an online store. In addition to printed tees and hoodies, Only boasts a pretty deep selection of head wear as well as a hand full of accessories.

Only New York Beanie Only New York Ball Cap

One of the projects that Only New York is currently working on is a line of hats built from vintage textiles. They launched the first item of the series in mid-February:  a hat made from vintage dead stock, Cone Mills corduroy fabric with 100% USA made construction. The stock was limited and sold out almost immediately. Be sure to keep tabs on the Only New York website for the upcoming releases in this series.

Micah and Julian on train tressle (By: Jacob Breinholt)

The Only New York website can be found at Be sure to get on the mailing list. SoJones has it on good authority that Only New York has a pop-up shop in the works, scheduled to open in mid-town toward the end of March. This will be a stellar opportunity for local street wear fans to drop in and meet the faces behind one of New York City’s most innovative grassroots street wear companies.

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