Wu Tang Caps Ain’t Nothin’ to ___ With!


So dope!

You SoJones readers already know I got the eye, so peep this new hat just out! Wu-Tang Clan, New Era, and Japanese Street Store Applebum teamed up with the fashion Gods to bring you these Shaolin Wu caps. Aren’t they to die for?!
What I love most about the hat is the “Shaolin Map” detail, as seen above. Unfortunately, at the moment these are (temporarily) sold out. Feel free to drool on in the meantime…


It seems Applebum only has eyes for Wu-Tang at the moment as far as hip hop group tributes go, as Applebum has items ranging from pants to knits. For example, the KATE Raw Denim pants, ladies and gentlemen.



Protect ya neck, with this skate deck!


From Shaolin all over the world, Wu-Tang gets props.

So do you like the gear, reader? Would you travel to the ends of the Earth for one of those hats? You might need to, they are in high demand!