SoJones Takes a Minute with Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons of Run's House has been keeping an eye out at New York fashion week for the up and comers amidst the throngs of young fashion enthusiasts. One in particular that stands out is Daniel Dwayne Simmons III, better known as Diggy Simmons and star of MTV reality show Run’s House.

At 14 years of age Diggy is a seasoned attendee of the twice yearly runway shows in Bryant Park, enjoying front row seats with his famous designing sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, or his uncle, hip hop mogul and yoga guru Russell Simmons.

Diggy Simmons and sister, Angela Simmons at the Charlotte Ronson show, NY Fashion Week 2010

Diggy is coming up quick on the heels of his entrepreneurial older sisters who have had runaway success with their footwear and lifestyle brand Pastry. He recently announced his own shoe brand will be debuting in Fall 2010: Chivalrous Culture.

Additionally, Diggy is following in the Adidas footsteps of dad Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of Run DMC, and is in the middle of starting his own music career. To the surprise of critics expecting an under-talented “son of” skating on dad’s fame, Diggy’s first mixtape “The First Flight”, released in December 2009, received very positive reviews. had a discourse with the mogul in the making via instant messenger, to get a quick hit on what’s dope and what’s not in the world of Diggy Simmons.

Describe Diggy Simmons in three words.

Fashion, Music, Art. If you can re-arrange the order, which comes first, second and third? Why?
Many people ask me that but they’re each my passion for a reason so they all have a equality in my life.

So you’ve been frequenting many fashion shows. what’s hot right now in the men’s department? Any do’s and don’ts for SoJones readers?
Honestly fashion is about confidence and personal style, so when you have that down packed i feel that your good so there aren’t really any do’s as far as dont’s, I mean right now it’s winter so no vibrant and loud colors

What’s your most-coveted fashion items right this minute?
My J. Crew MacAlister boots. Lol.

Let’s talk music now. There were doubters out there, but your first mixtape “First Flight” has been getting rave reviews. How do you handle criticism?
One thing about being in this industry is that you have to have tough skin, because if you where your heart on your sleeve you’re not gonna last through because there will always be doubters.

What distinguishes your music from Jojo’s and your Dad’s?
Honestly I’m not even sure. When it comes to doing what I do past Run’s House, on my own I don’t exactly look to what my family is doing, or has done. I just make my music.

What other kind of music do you listen to besides hip hop? Any other influence from other genres?
I listen to a lot of alternative. N.E.R.D., Lykke Li, MGMT, Arctic Monkeys and some others

How’s your clothing line going? Will we see it in the near future?
Yeah my sneaker line, Chivalrous Culture, comes out at the last quarter of this year!

Any dish on what it will look like?
That is something you will have to see!

Here’s Diggy Simmons’ freestyle “A Star Is Born”, which gained tons of fan praise since its release earlier this month.  You can also download it right here.


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