Getting “Dumped” Twice on Facebook: Roommates Keepin’ it Real

Ladies ladies ladies. 99% of you are super dainty whenever you visit a guest bathroom, especially your new boyfriend’s. You probably leave it smelling nicer than when you went in, always put the toilet cover down and you certainly would NEVER go “number 2”.

Let’s find out how the other 1% lives.

Meet Rob, Steven, and Tim- your standard-issue male roommates. Steven’s girlfriend Lisa comes over to the house to hang out all the time. Nothing unusual there. The problem: she occasionally leaves unwanted “gifts” in the bathroom. Tim decided to take action by leaving a memo on the toilet for his bro.


Favorite parts of this particular Facebook accident incident:


2. This is the 4th time this has happened since they started dating- 4th time?! Really?? Who does that?

3. The “Breakup”: These are the kinds of scenarios that embarrass the hell out of guys if it happens to us. No guy wants to be linked to a chick that does this kind of thing. Maybe it’s unfair since it’s ok for guys to be gross. I love how Steven neatly ends the whole ordeal by just one Facebook click: from being “in a relationship” to “single” and presto! No more being “down in the dumps”.

Ever had a soul-mate who after a few months you discovered their nasty personal habits? Ever broke a relationship off on Facebook? Let’s hear your thoughts and stories in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Getting “Dumped” Twice on Facebook: Roommates Keepin’ it Real

  1. I was thinking there should a at leatst a few more types of status updates on Facebook. So instead of just "single" " in a relationship", etc… There so should be "just got dumped", "on and off", "getting over my ex girlfriend"… "Severely jaded by last boyfriend" etc.

    I think it would work.

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