C-Ride Shows SoJones How It’s Done in Miami: Exclusive Interview


After working with T-Pain and hanging out with super producers Cool and Dre in Miami, one might think Christian “C-Ride” Coates  has his work all cut out for him. C-ride didn’t take the easy way out though; after spending money from his own pocket to press some copies of his first mixtape, C-Ride now has collabs with The Game and Gucci Mane under his belt.

C-Ride takes time out of his busy schedule to speak with SoJones on his success, and his grind.

SoJones: What’s the hip hop culture like right now in Miami?

C-ride: We dance a lot cause you know we come from the “Luke era“, so the kids still dancing in Miami. Rick Ross opening it up for the lyrical dudes like me so we still get it cracking down here. We ain’t hit nationwide like Houston or Atlanta just yet, but you know we still here, we still coming.

SoJones: What will your listeners experience with your debut album, Automatic Vibe?

C-ride: They’ll experience a different southern artist, a real lyrical storytelling southern artist like, I try to murder the track and I try to murder anyone else that’s on the track with me. I don’t care if you a big industry dude or a local dude, I’m gonna still try and murder you. You can also expect…it’s my life story, it’s like my first child you know? So from birth to now, it’s really everything on my first album.

SoJones: It’s said your storytelling ability rivals that of rap legends. Do you agree with this or is it too early to make that claim?

C-ride: I absolutely agree because when I first started rapping I knew I had to do something that will wow you, that will impress you and separate me so I really go hard with the stories. I try to go in all the way so I can be compared to the storytelling legends! I’m my own number 1 fan; I’ll always hold myself up real high so I think it’s up there with them.

SoJones: If there’s one song you heard that you wish you produced, what would it be?

C-ride: It’d probably be Juvenile’s “Back That Thing Up”, absolutely. You can play that now, 10 years from now, in any club! That’s timeless music right there. And I got one more too! Rick Ross‘ “Hustlin”. 10 years from now I think you can still play that song.

SoJones: Kinda like Katt Williams was talking about, you just walk in anywhere with “Hustlin” playing and even if you don’t hustle it’s legit!

C-ride: (Laughs) yeah those two, those songs are movies right there.

SoJones: Where did the love for music start for you?

C-ride: It started with me hanging around a studio for the wrong reasons and I saw what was going on. I thought I had talent, I thought if I put my mind to it, I could be dope. So once I figured out I had the talent I went hard, I put in 100%. The fans motivate me to keep going so…

SoJones: What’s in your iPod these days?

C-ride: Some Rick Ross, some Weezy, I got some Trey Songz, you gotta know the Trey Songz songs, to know what to say to the ladies. I like Fabolous too, whatever Fab do I be on that.

SoJones: Who haven’t you worked with in the industry that you would like to work with?

C-ride: I’d like to work with Will.i.am, cause everything he touches it’s like a pot of gold. There’s a lot…Weezy, Pimp C (RIP) I know he got some old verses I’d like to work with, Pastor Troy…I worked with a lot of people too, but these are folk I’d like to work with, for real.

SoJones: You’ve worked with T-Pain, and everything he touches is gold!

C-ride: Yeah, he did a good job that guy. I love that guy.

C-ride with T-Pain for “Money round here”

SoJones: What did “p-p-pushin'” do for your career when it landed on the Save the Last Dance 2 soundtrack?

C-ride: It got me heard nationwide. That was a mixtape song and it got me heard nationwide. It got me a check,  it pushed my mixtape even more cause I was selling mixtapes, so it did real good for me. Shout out to that soundtrack!

SoJones: Tell us about your virgin song series what’s that about?

C-ride: When I first got with Cool and Dre that night they gave me some beats and then they left the studio. I was in Cool’s mama’s house, they had a studio in the garage and I knew I wanted to impress them cause this is where I needed to be. Virgin (the first part)- was written that night, I was like “what can I do to impress them”, so I thought up that story and I wrote it and I kept writing as it came to me, and part 1 turned into part 2, part 2 into part 3. You’ll hear part 3 coming soon.

SoJones: What did you do to celebrate the new year?

C-ride: I was working, and then it was back to the studio. I got a street album coming out its called “the Arab store”, it should be out next month for free, all over the internet! Gorilla Zoe’s on there, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Bow Wow, Cool and Dre

SoJones: Nice!

C-ride: Yeah. It’s a street album I’m putting out just before my album comes out in the summer. Free, all original!

SoJones: I say a word, you tell me what you think…Autotune.

C-ride: Autotune, I think it’s too many people doing it.

SoJones: You got your rap name from a pimp, right?

C-ride: Yeah (laughs)

SoJones: Were the streets a huge issue growing up for you?

C-ride: It was regular street sh**. I grew up in Carol City so it was nothing new. Just like any other hood. You gotta get it, you gotta stay outta trouble but you still gotta get it. You gotta choose your battles and hope the good outweigh the bad.

SoJones: Obviously Cool and Dre gave your rap skills the co-sign. Who else will be producing for your upcoming album?

C-ride: Cool and Dre is doing a lot of it. I got in with The Incredibles, I’m tryin’ to get ahold of The Runners still, Scott Storch, Lil Jon…but Cool and Dre doing a lot of it, those are my brothers.

C-ride with Dre (of Cool and Dre)

SoJones: I didn’t know Scott Storch was still producing after everything that happened…

C-ride: He never lost his skills though! He just got a little sidetracked, still got his skills though.

SoJones: For sure. Are you currently touring or…?

C-ride: I’m on my mixtape grind so I do a bunch of shows off my mixtape right now. But my album about to get cranked up so I’m gonna go on promo and do some shows and then when my album drop I’m for sure gonna stay on the road. I’ma be in my label’s face, tellin’ them to keep me on the road if nobody else keep me on the road so that’s like ASAP!

SoJones: Around how much did you have to spend to make your first mixtape?

C-ride: My first mixtape started from a demo, which was probably just studio time, so that probably cost me $200. My first mixtape I spent, I don’t know. I spent a couple hundred dollars. My mixtape that got me signed? I spent some stacks on that one but I made it all back I sold like 4500 of them so it was a hustle, it was a grind.

SoJones: Any advice for our readers on how to take their ambitions to the next level in this new year?

C-ride: You gotta put in hard work, you get out what you put in, if you don’t work you don’t eat you don’t grind you don’t shine. You gotta go 110%, be your biggest fan, and you gotta remember music is a business, so there’s gotta be a demand for what you supply, and if it’s not, you might wanna change your business you feel me?

SoJones: Who makes your favorite jeans?

C-ride: My favorite jeans right now would be Levi’s 501 jeans. Some of those and I’m good!

SoJones: Man everyone has said those! (laughs). When was the first time you spent major bucks on an apparel or footwear item for yourself?

C-ride: It would have to be way back in middle school, because Jordan’s been costin’ 100 dollars and up since I was a shorty. Way back in middle school I used to save and do stupid stuff just for Jordans. It never stopped I still do it to this day.

SoJones: What brand of kicks are you wearing right now?

C-ride: Right now I got on the Space Jam Jordans.

SoJones: Space Jam Jordans?! No way!

C-ride: Yeah (laughs). Yeah they came out like, Christmas eve down here in Miami.

SoJones: What one fashion trend would you like to see gone on either men or ladies?

C-ride: On men it would absolutely have to be the way too skinny jeans. The way too skinny ones… they gotta go this year.

SoJones: …and the ladies?

C-ride: The ladies, umm…you know I’m in Miami so we don’t wanna see the snow boots when its 80 degrees, hella tacky.

SoJones: Is there anything you stopped wearing cause it’s just game over?

C-ride: Not really. I started wearing more Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I wasn’t a big Gucci and Louie fan until recently I started partying with Dre and Ross, so you know I had to step it up! I’m a scarf and hat guy sometimes, for no reason.

SoJones: Would you be willing to work with new artists in the future?

C-ride: Absolutely! I’m always willing to work with new artists especially if you on a different coast or from where they never heard of C-ride, of course! You can get at me @:


C-ride’s debut album “Automatic Vibe” is slated for a summer release.


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