Luxirie LRG Holiday Party in NYC

LRG Holiday Party at NYC Showroom Dec. 17, 2009 (Photo: Jacob Breinholt)
LRG Holiday Party at NYC Showroom Dec. 17, 2009 (Photo: Jacob Breinholt)

Fashion label LRG kicked off their holiday season with bang in New York City a couple weeks ago. LRG has to be one of the hottest streetwear brands out there, by virtue of the fact that it embraces all aspects of streetwear culture. LRG has created a successful marriage between the DJ/MC-hop-hop crowd, and the skate/surf/snowboard scene. The spectrum of party guests attending the line’s holiday soiree accurately reflected LRG’s success in infiltrating the various groups of street wear enthusiasts.


The venue for the party was in Manhattan’s garment district. Located on the west side of mid-town, the LRG showroom is only a few steps from New York City’s Times Square. The showroom is located in a modernized pre-war era building, with an elevator that still requires an operator to turn the controls. The bass beat boom could be heard from the elevator lobby. Mick Boogie provided the music for the evening.


Although the showroom had for the most part been cleared out to make room for the party, remnants of displays could sill be seen in various locations.


One consistent factor at the LRG party was the all of the guests were dressed to the nines for the occasion. Whether sporting flannel and a beanie, or sexy party dress, the guests were rocking their get-ups stylishly.


Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from the evening (all photos by: Jacob Breinholt):