Game Rebellion “Sounds Like a Riot” EP Listening Party at Fight Klub NYC

Game Rebellion EP Party-4197
This week Game Rebellion threw a listening party to celebrate their forthcoming EP “Sounds Like a Riot.” The get-together was held at an unusual venue called Fight Klub in New York City’s midtown. It is located on the top floor of a building that houses a thread factory, which gave it a very raw and industrial feel.

When I was on my way to the party, I saw a couple of guys who were braving the 25 degree weather to have a smoke on the sidewalk. Since there weren’t any obvious clubs on the block, I asked, “hey do either of you guys know where Fight Klub with a ‘K’ is?” I should have predicted the reply: “Um, we aren’t allowed to talk about it.”

A few minutes later, I located a street level freight elevator door next to a thread factor awning with a handwritten note tacked on it that read “Rebellion, 6th Fl.”

Game Rebellion EP Party-4243
When the elevator opened on the 6th floor, the party was already in full swing. The Brooklyn crowd  was out in full force, with their trendy hipster rags, holding it down.

Game Rebellion EP Party-4190
There was plenty of good food and good company to enjoy while waiting for the DJ to finally play the unreleased EP.

Game Rebellion EP Party-4227

When the time of the evening finally came for us to hear the new EP, the members of the group each shared some words, to introduce the work, and comment on how much they enjoy working with the other members of the group.

Game Rebellion EP Party-4168

After the album had played through, there was a raffle to play trivia for prizes. Yohimbe, Game’s guitar player, was the MC. The prizes included a new X-box, Band Hero edition.

Ms. Diva D. singing the answer to her trivia question
Ms. Amanda Diva singing the answer to her trivia question

The party was a great time. Thanks again to the guys of Game Rebellion for inviting SoJones. We look forward to the release of the EP next month! (all photos by: Jacob Breinholt)

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