Riddim Driven Celebrates the Holidays in Brooklyn’s Pulse Cncpt

DJ Magic on the 1s and 2s at Pulse Cncept party (Photo: Jacob Breinholt)
DJ Magic on the 1s and 2s at Pulse Cncpt party (Photo: Jacob Breinholt)

Streetwear storefront Pulse Cncpt hosted a party with reggae-inspired apparel line Riddim Driven at the Livingston Avenue retail location, SoJones was on hand to witness the flyness.

JC Cognac was also on hand, distributing a variety of fine adult beverages.


Pulse Cncpt has a self proclaimed mission to bring the best and unique brands together under one roof.

Pulse-Concept-party-4386Pulse definitely emanates that classic Brooklyn flavor, with their hand-picked variety of street wear. They also carry a very extensive array of footwear from Supra and Nike, to Vans and DC.


The brand being showcased on Thursday night of course, was Riddim Driven. Pulse has a deeply stocked section of their store that is dedicated to the brand.

Pulse-Concept-party-4408Riddim Driven is a group that tries to embody the classic reggae and rude-boy vibe by inclusion of classic colors and artwork on contemporary styled street wear.

DJ Magic kept good beats flowing all night as guests were able to peruse carefully crafted displays of the latest in Brooklyn street wear. Check out the rest of the photos, in the gallery below:

(all photos by: Jacob Breinholt)

And here are some fresh stuff from Riddim Driven, available at Karmaloop.

Riddim Driven M65 Rocksteady Jacket 170

Riddim Driven M65 Rocksteady Jacket, $170

Riddim Driven Stoosh Tee 28

Riddim Driven Stoosh Tee, $28.00

Riddim Driven Scratch Satin Cardigan 65

Riddim Driven Scratch Satin Cardigan, $65.00