When in Rome: Nip, Tuck and Whiten as the Romans Do?

Do you know where “de-racialization” lives?

It’s where vampires are considered sexy, and the go-to physical portrayal is pale skin and vivid red lips. Where lighter skin is always in.


Black people have been at war with each other for generations over how skin color is perceived and valued socially. Rapper Yung Berg has been quoted as saying “I don’t date women darker than me”, and celebrities who date or marry interracially get flack (Seal and Heidi Klum come to mind.)

When I was younger, I wanted to be lighter skinned. In high school one of my nicknames was “Crispy”. People would tease me with tired jokes “Where’s Andre? Smile so we can see you!”. I made it a priority to stay out of the sun for exposed periods of time. While this is a good practice to prevent skin cancer, I did it so that I didn’t get any darker than I already was. Silly huh?

Anyways, when you have a good 47 minutes on your hands, check out this video (warning: NSFW “Not safe for work”). Oh and if you have a queasy stomach, you might wanna make sure you are not eating during the breast reduction segment.

The video features four subjects who are considering either surgery or other medical processes in order to look less ethnic and appear more Caucasian. One wants whiter skin, another wants to be taller. Once again, if you are at work or get sick easily, be careful as you watch this: it’s not pretty!

After watching this video, I found it interesting that Michael Jackson was credited for making the process of skin whitening popular in mainstream America.

And we have people like Chris Rock shedding light on how black women rarely go natural with their hair anymore (with his documentary “Good Hair”), and so on.

This subject made me think of  the “Sexiest Man Alive / Sexiest Woman Alive” awards that People Magazine gives out every year. Black people are never really represented. The only black winner on the list was Denzel Washington. Why is that?


I’m one to always keep it real on here, reader so check it: they always say “be happy with who you are” and “true beauty” is on the inside… but do you really believe that? or do ugly people just say that?

You can’t help who you are, how you were born, and what you look like, but these days you can change it.

I want to hear from real men and women:

Men- What do you desire? What is your definition of beauty in a woman?

Women- Are you truly happy with how you look? Would you change anything about your physical self?

It’s like a rat race, all of this: skinny women want to be bigger, bigger women want to be skinny, short people want to be tall…so what the hell is ideal?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

9 thoughts on “When in Rome: Nip, Tuck and Whiten as the Romans Do?”

  1. Oh for fuck's sake. Where's all this "harassment" that Seal and Heidi Klum are being constantly subjected to? Outside of your desperate desire for it to be true, I mean. Like most Netizens, I'm a 24-hour media and gossip junkie, and I've never seen ANYTHING bad being said about them, except right here in your retarded article.

  2. Having the benefit of growing up in a cross racial/cross cultural "paradise" of Toronto, Canada having less historical race/culture baggage[unless native canadian indians or inuit..], I've sampled so many cultural groupings. Now working internationally, currently amongst ~22k people from 24 nations, I get an even bigger fill of my favorite day-dream subject:
    The beautiful variety of shapes, proportions, colours and styles of people(specifically women, for me) the world over.
    Visual 1st attraction is one thing; superficial & influenced by past intimate relationships & family/cultural surroundings[do they look like my family member's features?]
    Getting to know people[what they're like based on their background & life molding, their individual minds, dreams, desires & fears…]–that is a whole different adventure not revealed by skin colour or body shape & hair
    …I get aroused far more by considering these unknowns…and what sensual pleasures might be shared, by going off the 'orthodox beaten path' of attractiveness, even age barriers, and welcome pursuit of the dark, the asymmetrical, the under-endowed, the plain.
    Beauty is really the heart & mind revealed. Some of the truly ugliest people I've met are in the top tier of mainstream 'attractiveness' categories–this is when they open their mouths or interact publicly. The genetic weakness that often accompanies these "types" is satisfaction enough that nature has her own priorities and will prevail.
    Hmmmn,..I'm getting aroused just thinking about the "International Flavors of P…."

  3. Interesting program, thanks for sharing. What these people fail to realise is that fitting into any society has to do with a lot more than just the way you look. True, the way you look affects how you're treated and accepted but the way you behave and your personality has far bigger influence in your life. First impressions will always count but the overall picture of the person is formed by many factors: manner of speaking, educational background, connections and your outlook in life. Like the French doctor said, the procedures are not the solution to all your life problems.

    Some of the procedures will be therapeutic in nature and therefore help the patient lead a better life. If the aim of surgery is cosmetic and the only purpose is to imitate another race in order to fit into society, and the personality wasn't there in the first place to begin with, the improvement may be short lived. The clothes do not make the man. The man makes the clothes.

  4. It happens every now and then in interracial issues that shows jest at…you must have missed it!
    Thanks for responding to my "retarded" article:)

  5. Even though (and I have been noticing this with a other shows) the show becomes less and less about what the main focus was early on in the series, it's still great. It still has that combination of the surgery, the drama it brings and the drama in their personal lives. In my opinion, it hasn't lost what makes it a great show and hasn't gotten cheesy or boring! Which leaves it all in all, very interesting and worth watching.

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