Budget-Friendly “Urban Behavior”

Ladies, it’s time to ask yourselves: which one is more important, style or budget.  If you find it hard to choose, maybe you’ll need a little Urban Behavior.  The Canadian-based label is aiming to provide what’s good for you at the right price.  SoJones.com met up with Urban Behavior back at MAGIC 2009 and checked out their latest outerwear collection.

What is totally cool about their Fall/Winter collection is the fact that you can look like you’ve just come out of the “Gossip Girl” set without having to spend too much.  And going preppy isn’t the only option as Urban Behavior also offers a ‘Miley Cyrus’-ish look, and those skinny Melrose Denims are definitely rock and roll.

For the full Urban Behavior collection, you can check out their official website: www.urbanbehavior.com. SoJones editors have picked out their favorites from the line.  And by the way, remember last season’s American Idol finalist, Allison Irehita?  She also looked great in an Urban Behavior leather jacket.

UrbanBehavior Allison Iraheta

UrbanBehavior Poly Field 2 Pocket Jacket

UrbanBehavior Fur Hood Jacket

UrbanBehavior Melrose Skinny Fray Jeans 49.80

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