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Flud Watches GIVEAWAY!!

We’ve got 3 Flud Negative Space Watch from Flud Watches via a “SoJones Article Comments Lottery”. Here’s how it works:

1. Every SoJones comment posted on this page from March 5, 2010 to March 12, 2010 counts as a “lottery entry”. Also make sure when you comment, have a link to somewhere we can contact you (like your SoJones account, your facebook, etc.). It makes it easier to contact you if you win.
2. Drawing for TWO winners will be held on March 13th. Winners will be announced on this page and on the forums page (http://www.sojones.com/forums/).

Article Comments Lottery Rules

* One item per winner
* Duplicate comments will not count, like posting “I love this forum” or “hi” 50 times.
* Garbage or nonsensical comments will not count, like “awr#$ASFasdfkl”
* Comments hating on other people will definitely NOT count.
* U.S. residents only

Clothing lines are the main attraction of the bi-annual fashion industry trade show called MAGIC.  But watchmaker Flud caught our eye at the show with its new collection, especially the superfly Big Ben watches – featuring elegant leather straps, silicone and an all-gold / silver / gunmetal mesh.

There’s also the World Class Skeleton Dial with multiple languages, which all translate to ‘dope’ as in uber coolness, the colorful THN plycarbonate styles and the special Yonehara Collabo patterns.  And for sports aficionados, bring the spirit of the court onto your wrist and show off your love of the game with the Timeout watch.

Flud Terrance J BET 106 and Park
Terrence J of BET 106 and Park reppin' Flud Negative Space Watch

The full Fall/Winter 2009 collection of Flud Watches is available for purchase at Karmaloop.com. And guess what, the price points are all below $100.00.  SoJones.com editors recommend:

Flud Big Ben Watch

Flud Big Ben Watch, $90.00

Flud Timeout Watch 75

Flud Timeout Watch, $75.00

Flud Turntable Leather 70

Flud Turntable Watch With Leather Strap, $70.00

Flud The Negative Space 85

Flud Negative Space Watch, $85.00


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