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Genuine Air Jordan III

Nike has had a booming business ever since the first Air Jordan made its way onto the court in 1985. Because Air Jordans are in such high demand with basketball players and sneaker collectors, other people want a piece of the pie. Which has created an entire industry of people devoted to making and selling fake Air Jordans to unsuspecting consumers.

Fake Air Jordans have become a serious problem for people trying to catch a great deal on a new pair of kicks. After all, Jordans aren’t cheap. While hardcore collectors can easily tell the difference between authentic Air Jordans and fake, variant, or knockoff Air Jordans, most of the public don’t have that kind of knowledge.

Fake Air Jordan 3

Fake Air Jordan III

Because there are so many companies, websites, and eBay sellers who claim to produce or sell Air Jordans, we have to be on the lookout. These companies, which are mostly in China, are so relentless that they even try to fool legit sneaker retailers. It’s not uncommon for retailers to get solicited by these companies, who claim that they manufacture “wholesale” Air Jordans in bulk for the low-low price of $15 a pair.

Oddly enough, Air Jordans might have been produced at some of these factories, back when they had a contract with the Swoosh. Nowadays, however, many of these companies are just manufacturing fakes with stolen molds and cheap materials. And, since the producers of these Air Jordan variants are getting better and better at producing a more aesthetically pleasing knockoff, we need to be more vigilant than ever.

Fake Air Jordan 4

Fake Air Jordan IV

So, how can you make sure that you don’t get taken?

First off, if someone is selling a pair of Air Jordans for a ridiculously low price, they’re probably fakes. Always keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Another way to prevent getting hustled is that many fake Jordans come in crazy colorways that have never existed. If you spot a pair of Jordans in a colorway you’ve never seen, do some research to verify that they were officially released on sites like Sole Redemption.

Fake Air Jordan 11

Fake Air Jordan XI

Speaking of research, be aware that the most common Air Jordan variants are the Air Jordan III, the Air Jordan IV, and the Air Jordan XI. While these are popular Jordans to knockoff, almost every Jordan and Nike line has had their fair share of getting the fake treatment.

Air Jordan V Grape

Genuine Air Jordan V Grape

Next up, is inspecting the box. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of Jordans or Ray-Ban Aviators, the box is always a dead giveaway on whether or not a product is legit or fake. More so if the sneakers didn’t come with a box.

Fake Air Jordan V

Fake Air Jordan V Grape

Now, we could go on and on, but every model has its own imperfections. And, there are a bunch of minor details that will help you distinguish the difference between a real or fake pair of Jordans. So, we’ll leave you with a couple of resources to check out if you have any further concerns. Consult Kicks On Fire and CrazyJJ Shoe and Eyewear Collection for more detailed information on the differences between fake and real Air Jordans.


Fake Air Jordan I


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