Read in Style with Sean John Eyeglasses

Sean John

We all know that Diddy likes his shades. It’s a signature look that the Hip-Hop mogul has been rocking for years. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Sean John got into the eyewear game.

Back in 2007, Diddy teamed up with the people at Marchon Eyewear for a collection of sunglasses that were sold under the Sean John brand. Sean John Eyewear became successful enough that the line expanded to include reading glasses that fit the attitude of “New America”. The collection, according to Marchon’s site, is eyewear that “is about sexy sophistication for those who aspire to see and be seen. As a premier resource for culturally relevant design and fit, Sean John exceeds all expectations.”

But, do Sean John’s eyeglasses actually exceed those expectations?

Diddy has proven ever since the launch of Sean John, in the Spring of 1999, that he knows all about style. Sean John has become one of the most popular and respected full lifestyle brands around the world, mainly because Diddy has blended his own style and fashion into every product that Sean John has released. And, since Sean John begins and ends with Diddy, the brand’s eyeglasses are no different. Just like he did previously with T-shirts, suits, and sunglasses, Diddy has taken his own flair and put that into reading eyeglasses that gel with almost anyone’s lifestyle.

Besides being stylish, the eyewear from Sean John is made from exquisite materials of the highest quality. This gives consumers the feeling that they’re getting a luxury item. Sean John, in fact, has had a nice reputation of doing this with all their products. It’s one thing to design something cool and fresh, it’s another for that item to be a quality product. The eyewear could have had the most stylish frames on the market, but if they were made from junk, they just wouldn’t have been as appealing.

The Sean John brand once again has another hot product in their catalog. Their eyewear collection features a variety of styles that will appeal to not only someone wanting an “urban chic” look, but also to any young suburbanite worldwide.

If you’re looking for a new pair of reading glasses, look no further than Sean John, because Diddy’s got you covered. With their enormous selection of frames, you’re bound to discover a pair that will not only accompany your style, but also has that sharp head-turning flash that Sean John has been perfecting since ’99.


Image via Sean John / Facebook