Frankie and Neffe… really??


“Frankie and Neffe” is a BET reality show featuring the hard-living, eccentric mother and sister of  R&B star Keyshia Cole.  In this review of episodes 5 and 6, one gets a slightly below average C- to an A grade. Find out why below…

Episode 5: Grade: C-

Where we left off, Frankie and Neffe weren’t speaking to each other, because of Frankie not showing up for a birthday party Neffe threw for her stepson. Neffe’s sister Elite tried to make things all better; well, it almost worked. Except listening to Frankie on the other end of the phone:


leaves Neffe with this kind of expression on her face:


Elite tries to help patch things up between them by inviting Frankie to Neffe’s house for dinner, but the plan falls flat guessed it! Neffe wasn’t having it.

Meanwhile, A party is being planned for Neffe’s manager Manny, and it was jumpin’!

And of course, a party is not a party without crazy Frankie!
Everyone wakes up with a hangover after Manny’s birthday party, so now the plan is for the entire family to attend an evening church service. Now I know some of you out there have gone through this…waking up late on a Saturday or Sunday morning to go to church after partying the previous night. Tough, ain’t it?

Exactly. Yet after everyone is getting ready for church,

Neffe is having second thoughts about even attending church, because of the state of mind she’s in..

feelings of guilt about going to church with a hangover and thinking God is going to judge her. As she goes outside, Soullow convinces her to come back in. I will be the first to say..Neffe needs to hold on to Soullow. He’s a REALLY good influence on her. Gold star, Soullow, gold star.
When she finally does enter the church and sits down in a pew, she becomes irritated by the pastor’s comments during his sermon, as he said ” “we dont need hollywood in the church, we need to bring church to Hollywood” (that could mean several things the more I think about it..)  As a result, Frankie and Neffe walk out of the sanctuary to the surprise of the parishioners.
Outside in the parking lot, after a conversation with the church staff, Neffe realizes that the minister’s words were not intended for her alone and she vows to have Jaylyn christened at the church. The event is yet another reminder of the work that still needs to be done toward the goal of creating a strong family.

Frankie and Neffe: Episode 6: Grade: A
In this episode, Neffe prepares for the christening of her son Jaylyn and she receives a second visit from the life coach. Frankie’s plans for the day are to put in work at her new job at V103 and then head to church for the christening after work.

When Lauren Lake, the life coach, pays Neffe another visit at home, she is surprised to see how much progress has been made. Since last time she visited, there’s now a table for the family to eat at..


a more well-stocked fridge..


and freezer! (before)


(After). She mentions that Soullow bought all the food. Where would Neffe be without Soullow? Lord have mercy, the dude is coming in that house and making a difference!


Lauren also sits down with Neffe to discuss her progress in getting along with Frankie. And..well, it’s getting there!

Now as for Neffe..


The picture below says it all; but also Frankie goes in depth as to what is bothering her, and from that comes intriguing insight. During the conversation, when asked about her past, she  quotes “most of my pain comes from treating the right people wrong and the wrong people right”.

That quote really threw me back; I realize I’m guilty of this sometimes. It surprised Lauren as well!

Frankie then heads to work to meet up with rapper Fruit Man (still scratching my head at that name, but I gotta admit, it’s catchy!) He debuts his song “Man Down” and Frankie is enthusiatic about it.  See Frankie and the gang getting down to it in the video below:

I pray Mr. Collipark finds it in his heart to sign Frankie as a rapper. She’d outdo soulja boy on the flows anyday! And would be the first elderly rapper to get signed at half a century old! “When pigs fly” you say…well swine flu, reader! 😉 (har har)

After her stint at V103, Frankie realizes she’s late for the christening. It started at 5; she leaves at 5:30.

Meanwhile,  Neffe is getting the family ready and then heads to the christening.


When they arrive, the ceremony is very short and reverent. In an emotional moment, Neffe is reads the christening certificate and realizes that the date of Jaylyn’s christening is on the same day that she buried another son who died 11 years ago.  Everyone at the ceremony gets teary eyed at this circumstance:


and then Frankie arrives.

She missed the entire event by several minutes and comes running down the aisle just as Neffe and the family are about to leave the church. Frankie then blames Neffe for not holding the ceremony until she arrived.

In a rare moment, Neffe doesn’t throw a temper tantrum and ruin the whole day. She shows composure, and they continue the celebration at Manny’s pool house.

You can watch episode 6 here.

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