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unbareable_btiYoung designers are rising all over the country and this time,’s spotlight hits Ellison Keomaka, who’s got a strikingly hot streetwear line called “Unbareable“.  While mixing up stuff from music to animals, Unbareable sticks to its core and that is art.  Although still new in the streetwear game, the brand stands out with its ‘randomness’, which in a good way, makes their collection stand out. talked to Ellison.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?
My name is Ellison Keomaka 23, born in Honolulu HI. The story begins far before the actual start of the company. I have been drawing since the age of 4. Thanks to a strict mother, I was also involved in music and started playing piano at the same time. When I was a teen I began to realize my love for creating art. I started airbrushing when I was 15 and haven’t looked back since. Thanks to selfless people teaching me business, and technique, it led to me being commissioned by major companies in the automotive industry for design and even some work for Coca Cola as well. I have created wall murals and fine art for businesses and individuals. These experiences led me to create what is now, Unbareable Apparel. With the clothing industry being over saturated it is difficult to standout. I felt that if I kept it “honest” and told a story that everyone could relate to or be inspired by, that we would get noticed. Some of the forms of inspiration include Animals, Music, Culture, and automotive subjects. Each product is carefully designed with a story to tell. You can check out the designs and some of my artwork at Also big thanks to my entire team: Mark, Juan, Diego, Steve, Kelly and Dion, without you guys none of this would be possible!!

Describe this season and next season’s looks. Include any sources of inspiration
This season’s looks range from urban and a little funky to classy and sleek. With the new collection of Paul Yaffe signature series shirts we have brought on a new flavor and style. Our signature series give us the opportunity to tell the stories of artists and organizations that excel and inspire people so this gives us the opportunity to create unique designs and varying styles within our collection. Next season you will see more great stories illustrated through apparel from me and my team.

What celeb or well-known figure(s) exemplify the brand?
I guess this would be the place where I put that we cant be exemplified but Ill keep it real. If you look at our signature series artists, they are celebrities in their respective fields. From Paul Yaffe, who has been featured on Discovery Channel several times as well as over 300 international magazines, to Ron Hernandez who has pinstriped the motorcycles of Nicholas Cage, Jeff Gordon, and Evil Knievel, to name just a few. These guys not only have achieved great things but still continue to get better and are the first guys to volunteer when it comes time to give back. To me their message of never settling, seeing where they want to go and doing whatever it takes to get there is exactly what we represent. They truly are “built to inspire”.


Any product placements on celebs, in movies or videos to keep an eye out for?
There is our growing line of signature series products, including a recent addition of the band – Cowboy Mouth. We’ve started locally. We’ve had players from the Arizona Cardinals wear our clothing, television & news hosts, local radio personalities and local heroes. If you’re in AZ this fall or winter you can tune into 101.5 JamZ. I’ll be on once a week with the show hosts and celebrities to do Unbareable Challenges against listeners for prizes.

Any expansion plans?
I think as long as I do my job and come out with cool stuff. The people will decide how far we expand.

Looking ahead over the next year or two, what themes/looks/styles do you see your brand gravitating to?
I try to avoid following “looks” because by the time you figure out how to be like everyone else its too late. Just be yourself, I’m just glad there are so many different styles and I hope it stays that way.

What themes/looks/styles do you see your brand moving away from?
If I knew what I was trying to avoid I guess I could tell you. I just don’t pay that much attention to it. I try to get “raw” inspiration so I avoid looking at what everybody else is doing. Don’t get me wrong I can certainly appreciate all kinds of brands but I just feel like people want something new and it’s my job to give it to them.

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year?
The rapid rise of Unbareable Apparel. In a relatively short period of time, we have gone from a guy with some creative ideas, to a full line of shirts, shorts and boards with placement in retail outlets worldwide and online.

Check out Unbareable’s latest collection that will keep you off going bare. Their full collection is up on their website at, ranging from $24.00 up to $29.00.  Here are some to get you inspired.







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