Paper or Digital? French Toilet Paper Ad Settles the Debate!

When we move almost everything—from reading to writing and research to communication— into digital age, can we finally forgo the use of paper? Well, this brilliant spot from Le Trefle doesn’t think so.

The big idea behind the campaign by Leo Burnett is to remind the public that “Paper has a great future.”

The cheeky ad features a French husband who is inseparable from his iPad, and who is constantly chiding his wife to renounce paper and convert to digital instead. He shows Emma that tablets are a better way of creating art, leaving messages, solving puzzles, and even reading a paperback.

french toilet paper ad

Unfortunately, in his quest to build a paperless home, the husband realizes that going digital all the way may not be the best idea after all, especially when nature calls.

During a trip to the restroom, the husband realizes he’s out of toilet paper and calls out to his wife. After which she reminds him that his tablet can’t replace everything: Emma slips him his tablet under the door with a picture of a roll of toilet paper. Talk about a wife’s sweet revenge!

 Image: Levi Szekeres via Wikimedia Commons