Drake Wants Royalties for Use of YOLO Motto on Merchandise


You Only Live Once might be Drake’s life motto, but Cash Rules was his business slogan. After catching wind of the catchphrase YOLO being featured on various merchandise, Drake said it’s time to “cut the cheque.”

The Toronto rapper wasn’t happy with the American department stores, Walgreens and Macy’s, for selling lucrative apparel that featured the acronym YOLO, which stood for You Only Live Once from his 2011 Take Care hit, “The Motto.”

On Christmas Eve, Drizzy Instagrammed photos of two separate items emblazoned with YOLO. The first picture was taken at Walgreens, which featured YOLO baseball caps. The caption read, “Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque.”


The second picture, on the other hand, was a statement T-shirt that featured Snoopy and Charlie Brown along with the tagline “YOLO is My Motto,” this time at Macy’s. The caption read, “Macy’s…same goes for you.”


At the moment, it was unclear whether or not Drake actually intended to take legal action. The 26-year-old artist might have helped spur the phrase’s popularity through his song; however, it should also be noted that the rapper didn’t invent YOLO.

According to Hollywood.com, “The U.S. Trademark database actually shows several earlier attempts to use YOLO commercially.” In fact, the use of the slogan dated back to the 1700s.

Furthermore, Adam Mesh, a contestant from The Average Joe, used the phrase on the NBC reality show and then launched a YOLO clothing line in 2004. Mesh addressed the phrase’s current use via Twitter. He stated:


What do you think—should Drake get paid for YOLO or should he also move on?

News Source: Huffingtonpost
Image Source: ImageCollect