6 More Hip Hop Stalkers Still on the Prowl


While cute fans may be jokingly referred to as stalkers, the reality is that stalkers are anything but cute. Fame can have many costs for those who tiptoe into the limelight, and some celebs have found that the cost is the loss of their privacy, their security, and even their lives.

John LennonWith memories of great musical artists like John Lennon looming heavily, hip hop artists have to take special care with their security. As a follow-up to our previous post on hip hop artist stalkers, here is a list of six more hip hop artists whose stalkers are still on the prowl and causing angst.


STAR: Erykah Badu
STALKER: Strange Woman
RESULT: Pepper Sprayed

Erykah BadduErykah Badu had been stalked by a strange woman for months, but on the day of Erykah’s SXSW performance in 2009, the woman was finally arrested. The stalker had spread bizarre objects across Erykah Badu’s front lawn, including a rabbit and blue shutters, forcing Badu to barricade herself inside her own home.

Although the oddball stalker was pepper sprayed and detained for a short time, she has since returned to the throng of Badu groupies in Texas.


STAR: Master P
STALKER: Antwan Kevin Baker
RESULT: Prison

Master PAccording to Master P, Antwan Kevin Baker stalked him because he wouldn’t give Baker a record deal. Although Baker refused to comment in court, he didn’t deny the stalking charges either.

Antwan Kevin Baker adopted the middle name “Kevin” in honor of Master P’s deceased brother, in spite of the year he served in prison for stalking Master P. In addition to the year behind bars, Baker was also slapped with a ten-year restraining order and three years of probation.


STAR: Daniel Armand Lee
STALKER:Anti-fan Club
RESULT: Gossip

Daniel Armand LeeKorean artist Daniel Lee, better known to rap fans as Tablo, was performing in New York City on the night his lies and deceit finally caught up to him. His anti-fan club had tracked him down to a night club and proceeded to harass him for his biggest lie: that he had attended Stanford University.

Though it might not seem like a big deal to hip hop fans, Lee has landed in a lot of hot water with anti-fans, who have apparently stalked him in an attempt to cause him some old-fashioned, Korean shame (a serious thing for many Asian families). Having been disowned by much of his family and stalked by a huge group of haters, Lee has fallen out of the limelight lately.


STAR: Claudia Jordan
STALKER: Twitter Fan
RESULT: Mental Institutionalization

Claudia JordanWith work credits that include working with Jamie Foxx on his radio show, working as a Deal or No Deal model, and working elsewhere as an actress and hip hop hottie, Claudia certainly had plenty of opportunities to attract the wrong kind of attention. She, unfortunately, gained one crazed stalker in late 2011.

The stalking started via Twitter when a crazed fan demanded two weeks of constant fellatio or $25,000 in cash, and then it escalated to death threats and in-person stalking. Claudia reported to fans via Twitter that the man was apprehended and institutionalized.


STAR: Keyshia Cole
STALKER: Crazed Man
RESULT: Prison

Keyshia Cole


Chased from her home by a stalker in 2009, it took Keyshia Cole a long time to return to her Atlanta house. She remained afraid of the Alpharetta surroundings, as well as the insane man who had been tormenting her on her tour and around the neighborhood where she lived.

The stalker was in prison for a few years, but he is now on the prowl again. Keyshia admitted to King Magazine that she now owns a Glock, and she intends to use it if necessary.


STAR: Dr. Dre
RESULT: Whiny Album

Dr. DreThe Game acknowledged openly that he stalked his ex-benefactor and mentor, Dr. Dre. Apparently, The Game couldn’t handle being let down easily by Dr. Dre when the relationship proved to be unsatisfactory for the benefactor.

The Game actually benefited from his stalking when sales of his whiny album about stalking Dr. Dre actually made him a minor celebrity. His solo album names names and outs a lot of former friends in the hip hop scene. He even claims to have had…er…intimate relations with victim number one on this list, Erykah Badu. His whining ends with the song “Dr. Dre Outro,” which is heavy-handed proof that Dr. Dre was right to deal The Game out of the industry.



While stalkers may be good for headlines and publicity, few celebrities would wish them on their worst enemies. From death threats to scary midnight home invasions, hip hop artists have dealt with more than their share of crazy fans and obsessive nut jobs.











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