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To music fans, Bob Marley is a legend in his own right.  To reggae fans, he’s the father figure.  To Rohan Marley, Bob’s a dad who left a huge legacy in music and love when he passed away.  SoJones chatted with Rohan Marley, Bob’s son, who’s continuing his father’s mission of love and peace to the future generation.  However, Rohan does a little bit more and that is producing a lifestyle brand: “The House of Marley”.  Check what he has in store.

How did you start “The House of Marley” headphones? What sets your headphones apart from other brands?

My father helped start a movement around three simple ideas, youth, planet and peace. That message needed to be taken to the next generation and what better way then through his music. We wanted to enter the electronic world through personal audio products to keep the message going. Also, why we decide to do anything, it’s all about one love and giving back by using recycled materials and being earth-friendly. Our products should not only be made the right way and have a superior sound, but be made right. Our father also taught us, everything we do has to give back. Its not enough to be eco-friendly, we need to support programs that support youth, planet and peace, that’s why we created, dedicated to spreading my father’s message of unity and peace by lifting up a new generation of youths to strike the hammer for charities, causes and ideas that can change the world.

Rohan Marley sporting The House of Marley Headphones

Can you tell us about the collection’s lineup and each of the headphones’ highlights?

We have three different collections of products at The House of Marley. MARLEY Jammin’ is for the youths Jammin’ products come in fun bright colors that shows a love for music and the lifestyle it represents. MARLEY Freedom is my favorite line, keeps that soulful style, but adds a more sleek and sophisticated look. MARLEY Destiny is what my brothers, Damien, Stephen, Julian and Ziggy wear in the studios. This is for the guys with the mature ear canals! The collection combines the very best of MARLEY products; eco-friendly materials and professional sound.


What’s coming up from House of Marley in 2012?

In 2012, The House of Marley is coming out with speakers and docking stations that are unlike what is currently on the market. Sticking with what we know best, these new products have excellent sound quality, beautiful designs, and are still earth friendly like our headphones. Since Marley is a lifestyle brand we will be moving into other areas like watches and bags.

What do you think is your father’s biggest legacy to the music world? Do you have any special mission to keep it going strong?

The most important thing I learned from my father is that “none is greater…we are all in the same boat.” And through his music, and his being, he conveyed that to the world, to remind us all that we are all humans, we should all treat each other with kindness and respect. My family and I really believed in our father’s message, and we know it is our mission to continue to spread his visions of love and peace to a new generation.

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The House of Marley is giving away ONE pair of the Soul Rebels Headphone for ONE very lucky reader!

Here’s what you can win:

Yes we know it’s awesome.  But first, here’s how it works:

  1. Answer the following question: What’s the name of Bob Marley’s son who started The House of Marley?
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