Statement Tees for Toddlers: Offensive or Witty?

Statement t-shirts have long been the staple of just about anyone who can fog a mirror: from rebellious teens who want to flaunt their personal and unique edginess “I scored HIGH on my drug test” to passive-aggressive nerds who need a shirt to tell the world how they feel “SORRY, YOU CAN’T BLAME BUSH ANYMORE”.

So why leave your infants out of the fun? Now your little ones can show off their unique sense of humor– or really, yours– with their very own risque statement baby tees.   


 Is it harmless fun or are you setting up your child’s future to include long-term psychotherapy? Add these gems to your baby registry and let us know how it turns out in 20 years.










And the winner of the “Most Likely to Become a Stereotypical, Maternally-Fixated Serial Killer Award” goes to…


8 thoughts on “Statement Tees for Toddlers: Offensive or Witty?”

  1. there’s no reason a baby/toddler can’t wear those. it’s not like they know what it says… and their little friends can’t read yet either. love ’em!

  2. I think that is offensive to put on a child. There are such cute things out there for kids these days, no reason for that ignorance.

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