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The loss of a public figure with close ties to the streetwear and DJ culture, DJ AM, has moved many people. Among those whose lives were touched by DJ AM’s brilliance are Alex Pantoja and Albert Granados, owners and creators of Skunk Wear, a Southern California – inspired streetwear line. chatted it up with Alex Pantoja about his special project in honor of DJ AM and how Skunk Wear plans to stink up the streets.

What moved you to create this limited edition DJ AM Last Tweet t-shirt?

DJ AM moved me with his creative style that he brought to the tables, everyone knew and loved him for that. I just felt the same resemblance, but I bring my creative style out through my designs and move people to be comfortable and stand out amongst others! He deserved to be honored and we felt that doing it with a personalized tee was the best way. His last tweet to the world was so deep and ironic we just had to include it on the tee.

What impact do you think he had on the streetwear scene?

AM created a style of his own by mixing rock, hip-hop, and party all in the same night, it sounded great! Not only was he big on the 1’s and 2’s, he also had a heavy collection of kicks (600+). He was a sneaker head set his name straight on shoe forums people could point him out as “That DJ with all the kicks.” He even had his own signature AF-2 ‘s, that’s big in the streetwear game!

Tell us about the DJ AM t-shirt charity. What are your hopes by initiating this move?

Initially, my plan was to just make the shirt for the Skunk family. But close friends of mine, that knew AM on a personal level, started asking me for it, so I decided to run this limited amount piece. Not to sell and make a buck, but to let it be known that AM will forever live in our hearts and be remembered. Back in May of this year AM involved himself in the MusiCares foundation, the foundation provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in hard times of need. All profitted proceeds will go to MusiCares.

Sojones readers want to know more about Skunk. How did your brand start and who are the masterminds behind it?

It Originated in Orange County California. I started Skunk as representation of my friends and I going hard in just about everything we did, skating, biking, stunting, doing it all with pride, confidence, and determination, or as I like to call it, “Stinking Up The Streets.” Which lead to the trademark image of a skunk wearing a gasmask and the name “Skunk Wear.” Skunk is designed to represent confidence, personality, and creativity regardless of culture, ethnicity, social status or location. We are here to put forth a powerful artistic statement through our clothing.

Skunk Girl Tee

What’s hot from Skunk this season and what’s coming up next? Any inspirations?

I’m inspired through all aspects that represent urban lifestyle, whether it be though graffiti/art, music artists, economic status, just life in general! We’ll keep dropping more powerful statement tee’s. And since our ladies line debuted very well in summer, we’ll continue bringing the ladies some amazing pieces! Don’t want to let too much out of the bag, but we’ll be moving into cut and sew. We also have more outerwear coming: hoodies, jackets, hats, ect. for both guys and girls. Just keep a look out, Skunk is making a move in these hard times!

What celeb or well-known figure(s) exemplify the brand?

Skunk exemplifies itself. It’s really just open for everyone to wear and make their own.

Any product placements on celebs, in movies or videos to keep an eye out for?

Some well known names that rock Skunk are Chino XL and DJ Revolution, they wear Skunk on the daily you’ll catch the Skunk with the gas mask on some of their new projects for sure.

Any expansion plans?

Most definitely, we are always grinding out new plans but on top of the list would be to expand and get more accounts from East to the West just to get the movement started.

Looking ahead over the next year or two, what themes/looks/styles do you see your brand gravitating to?

Just keeping it that Southern California skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop culture. That’s just the era I grew up in and fell in love with it!

What themes/looks/styles do you see your brand moving away from?

We’re moving away from the bright neon colors and bringing back classic street color, i.e. Pink – I’m just over it!

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year?

It would have to be the whole Fixie (fixed-gear bicycles) trend, it brought out a strong following and made its dent in the industry.

The Skunk Wear collection is priced between $20.00 – $40.00 and is available on their official website at

You can also get DJ AM’s last tweet t-shirt for $22.00, and you’re doing something good while you’re at it, as all proceeds will be donated to The Musicares Foundation. It’s a foundation established by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1989. It’s a place meant for musicians to turn in times of financial, personal or medical crisis. The foundation’s programs covers emergency financial assistance, addiction recovery, outreach, leadership activities and senior housing. MusiCares also puts the Musicians Assistance Program beneath its wings, a similar program assisting musicians in need, including drug rehabilitation.

Here’s the Forever DJ AM t-shirt.

Skunk DJ AM tee 02

Skunk DJ AM tee 01’s favorites from Skunk Wear:

Skunk King of The Streets

Skunk Hoodie

Skunk All Eyes On Me

Skunk Wear has cute womenswear as well.

SkunkWear AEOM


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