Is CZ Micro Pave The New Jewelry Wave?

king-ice-hiphop-michael-jordan-cz-slam-dunk-basketball-micro-pave-pendantThe debate on whether the ice will melt in the urban jewelry diamond industry is not ending just yet. While some rappers and ‘bling’ lovers relented to the declining economic situation by reducing their extravagant spending on jewelry, some switch to less-expensive shine factor alternative: the Cubic Zirconia, or better known in the jewelry world as cz. The synthetic cubic zirconia has remained the most gemologically and economically important competitor for diamonds since 1976. Out of the many reasons the synthetic stone is loved by millions are its low cost, durability and close visual likeness to diamond.

As if trying to maintain the hip-hop tradition of ‘icing out’ the accessories within the recession, King Ice, a leading e-retailer of hip hop jewelry, has introduced a new line of Micro pave rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Adorned with numerous cubic zirconia stones are paved onto the surface of the jewelry, resulting in the glittery, highly reflective surface and comparable to diamond presentation.

Tom Diep of King Ice Jewelry is positively optimistic with the future of the cubic zirconia-embellishments in these tough times.

“Micro pave is the next generation of hip hop jewelry. You can get that diamond look without paying diamond prices. Some of our customers are entertainers who could easily afford diamond bling style jewelry, but choose to wear micro pave jewelry as the quality is practically indistinguishable from diamonds.”

king-ice-gold-plated-urban-micro-pave-hip-hop-cz-artist-mic-vermeil-style-pendantAn experienced jeweler hand prepares the surface, for example, of a bracelet, by creating small settings capable of securely holding cz diamonds. The Micro pave cz stones -technically 1.5 mm or less in diameter, are then set accordingly, creating a classic iced out bling style piece. Micro pave jewelry includes black and yellow colored stones and the use of sterling silver, gold or rhodium as materials.

King Ice offers a wide variety of designs, mostly related to hip hop and urban culture classic icons, as well as classic designs such as crosses, skulls and animals. The two pieces featured here are dedicated to those who aspire in contributing their voices into the hip hop scene and score some points on the basketball court. The 14K gold-pleated microphone design pendant features micro paved round-cut clear cubic zirconia, while the Michael Jordan-inspired pendant features micro paved round-cut clear cubic zirconia with a Rhodium finish and weighing at 42 grams.

The Micro Pave collection of King Ice is exclusively available at, each with its very own 90-day warranty.

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