“Do the Right Thing” with Pharrell Williams x Gap

Pharrell-Gap-300x225Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D.  and Team Ice Cream has teamed up with the American clothing staple Gap on a bio-friendly clothing line called “Do the Right Thing.” The line will be sold at Gap pop-up locations. The pop-up store involves opening a temporary storefront in a chic location with lots of foot traffic, and is usually stocked with concept or limited edition wares. It’s a phenomenon that has become a popular Fashion Week gimmick over the past several years. The “Do the Right Thing” collection is part of Gap’s 40th anniversary celebration.

One feature that makes the items from Pharrell’s collection unique is the material used to fabricate them. The name of the stuff is “Bionic Yarn,” which is a product of Pharrell’s own textile company, that is spun from recycled bottles. Some of the items created for this collection include:  footwear, a duffle, shirts, and a hoodie.

pharrellgapThe Gap pop-up store currently carrying Pharrell’s collection is located on Carnaby Street in London. The shop opened on September 12th, and will only be open for a few more days.

GAP pop-up store in London (Photo: Hypebeast)
GAP pop-up store in London (Photo: Hypebeast)

For those who find themselves in London over the next couple of days, feel free to stop by this make-shift Gap location and peruse Pharrell’s designs, as well as the rest of the 40th anniversary collection.



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