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Freshness alert!  A new streetwear clothing line is coming your way.  Launched in February, 2008, L. Dasia is ready to rock your wardrobe with designs that bridges the gap between ‘life and style’. gets the lowdown about the new gear from L.Dasia clothing company’s mastermind: L.A. Brown.

Introduce yourself and describe how your brand was started?

My name is L.A. Brown Founder and Creative Director of L.Dasia Clothing Company. L.Dasia was created while I attended college on a basketball scholarship in Georgia. One of my motivating factors for starting L.Dasia was that I was tired of wearing the same gear/brands as my peers. I wanted to separate myself from the rest and rock what no one else had. At times I literally sat in class and daydreamed about my brand instead of focusing on what the instructor was teaching but don’t get it twisted I made the Dean’s list every year and graduated in 3 years!

I started spending more and more time creating designs but more importantly coming up with a name that would define my brand. I wanted something with a real meaning, different, catchy and reflection of myself. With all of those elements combined L.Dasia came to fruition. L.Dasia is an acronym for Limitations Don’t Allow Successful Individuals to Achieve.

What I pride my company on being is a true “Lifestyle” brand. A lot of brands use that term loosely but L.Dasia has truly bridged the gap between “life” and “style”. The reason is because my brand is a reflection of my life experiences whether past or present, things that I love, see and do on an everyday basis.

Describe this season and next season’s looks. Include any sources of inspiration.

What you will really notice about L.Dasia is the creativity, attention to detail and concepts. Inspiration can come from anywhere; it can come from a conversation, favorite movies, music I’m listening to. My goal is to create apparel that people can relate to, from my 80’s Baby tee to the Eye Candy tee individuals were able to relate to these t-shirts. For example, the 80’s Baby tee from this season was a tribute t-shirt being that I’m an 80’s Baby but the tee appeals to so many because everyone’s an 80’s Baby at heart whether or not they were born in the 80’s.

What I can say about next season is that we’re definitely coming with some design concepts that are crazy. I don’t want to give away too much but we’re going to incorporate some sports-themes in the mix.

What celeb or well-known figure(s) exemplify the brand?

If I’d choose one I would say actor Tristan Wilds. To me, sky’s the limit for him. I see him in the mold of being the next Will Smith, he’s gifted actor and in case you didn’t know dude can sing too.

Any product placements on celebs, in movies or videos to keep an eye out for?

Yes, Tristan Wilds, Affion Crockett rocked the ‘American Dream’ t-shirt in his infamous Lil Wayne/Jay-Z “Mr. Carter” Spoof on YouTube, E-Knock of Status Quo (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1) on MTV Made and many more. I can say that I’ve been blessed and truly appreciate everyone who wears L.DASIA. I love to see everyday individuals wearing my brand, there’s no better feeling than seeing someone wearing L.DASIA; it’s makes it all worthwhile.

Any expansion plans?

Definitely, we’ve already expanded to headwear and we’re currently looking into denim and knits. There’s going to be some surprise pieces coming from L.DASIA. I want to give lifestyle branding an added look that will separate us from others.

Looking ahead over the next year or two, what themes/looks/styles do you see your brand gravitating to?

I want to continue to build upon L.DASIA’s design concepts because that’s our bread and butter, the appeal aspect. I definitely want to stay consistent and always add that twist, bring something flavorful to the game.

What themes/looks/styles do you see your brand moving away from?

One thing about us is that we’re not a brand that rides waves of fads. We’re in to set trends, if we don’t feel that it fits L.DASIA or flows with what we do best then it’s not happening.

What has been a surprise fashion hit over the last year?

I would say V-necks. I knew they would have a nice presence in the game but it turned out to be bigger than that. Everywhere you turn someone’s rocking a v-neck so that has definitely been a fashion hit.

You can get L.Dasia clothing on their official website:  Prices range between $12.00 to $20.00

L.Dasia Mr. Carter Spoof


L.Dasia Angels Tee

L.Dasia EyeCandy Tee


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